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No, without Jamal marry, but He may not be as good as Jo Ellan be with limited what's around him? Wow. Um I'm not surprised by that sentiment from Anthony Yes, Cheese. Way crowing about We chirping about that. Well, I think I think my biggest takeaway from the Western Conference so far is that, um There were a lot of Ah lot of Laker fans like Rob G super producer. Who were convinced that the Lakers were going to fall into like the 89 seed without LeBron and Anthony Davis. And they really managed to tread water and haven't lost too much ground in this, like weird. Shocking. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Yeah, I I thought they would maybe fall the six or seven. But, yeah, I think I think LeBron will be back, probably in the next week or two here, and I think they might climb into that for speed that four spot with Denver kind of struggling to a three games behind Lakers of three games by Denver. I agree. I will talk about it, but I do. I think the Lakers can catch him. We'll see where the fellas That's it. We got Figgy and Bo and that psycho Chris some cause together the fellas right here on Fox Sports Radio. This

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