From the Courtroom to the Kitchen With Chef Utpal Dighe


So now with further delay. I want to introduce today's guest chef. Paul paul welcome to the show. How are you thank you. Thank you for having me welcome. Thanks meaning great so we have a lot to get to. But i'd like to start right out at the beginning because this episode could very easily be titled courtroom to the kitchen because you know your journey to become a chef came after a long career as a courtroom trial attorney. So talk to me about that. Where did your passion for food and cooking come from. And how did it eventually get you to change careers and pursue cooking and food fulltime. Yeah it's a. It's a long story china and a good question There's ram handled fed itself. Basically because my story is about being from the courtroom to kitchen. I came to miami in two thousand three as a new lawyer. I started off at the state attorney's office here a prosecutor. I always wanted to be involved in law a growing up I always enjoyed argue. S my parents would say. And and it's the white had a passion for international law and human rights at first. And so i went to law school. I came out here and started practicing law in two thousand three And i was good at it. I was a trial attorney. I was in the courtroom. I try every kind of case through capital murder and that misdemeanor how And it's it's a it's a great profession and it can be rewarding at cayennes but it's extremely mentally challenging And when you do those kind of cases and you see that kind of thing that happens and you're living that on a daily basis it sort of gets into your psyche after a while. So i stopped prosecuting. And i tried to find other forms of law that i felt were little less resistance. mentally And soon found that those were also sort of giving the general on satisfaction in

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