One Phone (MM #3686)


The Maison with Kevin Nation. The other day. I was talking with one of my business partners about the olden days. Really, we were talking about our parents who are in their eighties, and how they both still had landline phones at home, but it really rang. Hold me. The other night when I was sitting there after dinner and my smart phone rang, and I started talking about two minutes later, my wife's smart phone rang and she started talking and we were both is Charles Rock about 6:00 at night. And I thought to myself, remember the old days when we had just one phone line in our home, we had our last landline in Ohio and probably got rid of it and probably 2009. I would bet you've been gone a long time and I can't even imagine having just one phone line anymore. That matter. I can't imagine the old days when it was attached to a wall and you had that big long cord that goes along with it. It's kind of funny how technology does change but more importantly, how things just so commonplace back in the day aren't commonplace anymore. In fact, some kids have never even seen anything like a landline attached to a wall. The good old days, I don't know about that. But one phone line for a home, I can't even imagine that any more dead.

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