Interview With Cindy McCain, Business Woman, Philanthropist


Hi everyone is carly my guest. Today is cindy mccain said businesswoman philanthropist and humanitarians her late husband john mccain was a us. Senator known for being a political maverick and highly respected across the aisle. Their life together put her at the center of american politics for decades and her new book called stronger. Details her journey in washington. Dc arizona and everywhere in between mrs mccain Such an honor to have you thank you for joining me. Welcome to skin from the couch. My pleasure i'm happy to be here. Well we're really excited so first of all you obviously and you and your family have lived in the public eye for a very long time. There's a lot we can google about you. But what is something we can't google about. Oh gosh some of you can't google about me. I love to binge programs on television. My favorite being the curse of the oakland is on the history channel. up like that. I love movies. I love things that entertain me. Make me laugh just everything. That's exciting things about teaching things about learning trying to keep away from reality tv but it's heart

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