Fears of third wave grow as infections rise in Europe


Millions of people in Europe facing new lockdown restrictions amid fears of a third wave of the Corona virus around a third of France's population or under a partial lockdown. Only south officials say the British variant of the virus is so rampant that a three week lockdown is necessary. More details from anime Stone in Warsaw. This is not the first time this type of national lockdown has been introduced. What it means in effect is that most stores in shopping centers will close also hotels, sporting facilities and cultural centers such as cinemas, theaters, museums, art galleries, They're all closed as of now for three weeks, but the Health minister here. He just He has said that he was not ruling out introducing a full, more restrictive lockdown if the infection rate continues to surge. A sharp rise in cases has coincided with the slow rollout of vaccines and the temporary suspension of the AstraZeneca jab.

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