US Data Shows AstraZeneca Vaccine Effective for All Ages


Trials in the United States of AstraZeneca's Corona virus vaccine have confirmed that it's safe and effective, paving the way for the country to start administering the jab. The U. S hasn't yet approved its use. As American health officials were waiting for the study's results. No one who received the vaccine became seriously ill with covert 19. It proved nearly 80% effective at stopping symptomatic cases more from our health reporter Michelle Roberts. It comes in a really important time because we know there's been a lot of attention on the AstraZeneca job recently because of the reported concern about blood clots, a reviews being done on that now. With no evidence of a link, and we've seen some European countries starting to use it again after pausing for a little bit, so this just confirms again. It's safe. It's effective and it works really well in the elderly population to where we didn't have a massive amount of try algo data before.

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