Making The Leap Into Starting A Hair Salon Business Together With Jack Mead And Lydia Wolfe


Delighted to welcome onto the hell to cut. Podcast jap made and lydia wealth. Welcome along the pair of you. thank you say. It's an absolute honor to bring you on. We've been building up to this little. Hey do to have just gone from strength to strength. we're gonna be talking about your cell and you're going to take us back. I want to learn about your journey. But let's just clear up with the audience. You two are a couple we are. We are partners and business crime matrimony. Where did you pass crossing. How come on take us back to that early moment. You're help people's completely crazy rich thousands of people but that's totally true story. We literally have to water our story down because people wouldn't trust stuff. Yeah we trust us house looking back because we've come on the show. We've been so of reminiscing over the last week and Honestly we are still in our shaun king. We do that. Hey how long have you been to give it so we have been together for two years two years and did you. Was it hairdresser because may my wife both hairdressers and everybody always asks us. Did you meet through hairdressing. And actually we didn't but i'm gonna ask that question. Did you as she meet through headdress. In yes yeah basically story off like it's a big. It's a big story so you go to like yeah so i. We had each other as friends on facebook. We met on facebook basically. Yeah yes So of and yeah. I've we had each other. It's friends on facebook for ages and never never even knew each other identity. You have faced with friends like that but same many hairdressers. I've never. I've never interacted with but we facebook friends. And then i was doing some international with goldwell and my solemn oath where he and at the time taniwha hairdressing and and i really needed a male model wanted somebody with a certain length of hair. So i thought i do. Facebook shouts out just to see if anyone could help out. And that is when jack got back to me. And he said you know i'm hairdresser. I do more lang well. And that is the first time we'd have taken seriously so you saw the shoutout then jackson. That's interesting so you know you do modeling modeling bodily jack i. I'm sorry into an agency. But the ceylon is on main priority. And i'm kind of completely fixed on that so i don't really get to do as much especially obviously we've covered so so i'm still still doing a bit slow down a law. Say that spot. Then jack hurley right from you know with meeting lydia model. Well so what happened was an icon lydia to say that i had long hair and She needed a male model. I was a hairdresser. So i was willing to do it. You know quite cheap. Because silence. National and i know what it's like. Been hairdresser try to find models and she message back saying that you'd be you'd be great and i was actually inside purse at this time. My family live inside purse to site. I because my unfortunately my grandmother wasn't very well said liddiard could do and then basically i had to cancel on her. Because unfortunately my grandma passed away when i was in cypress so i had to. Yeah i to lay down but she was so cheered obviously about so nice about it. We just started talking a little bit. Because she had selena's well he signed funny. Because i didn't think we did know was an. Es four really fancy but that didn't come into your interview that much. I bet no one believes because obviously he's quite a handsome man. Guja says well lydia so tight that bid away so blue agency. I think i think automatically just being in the same room as jack makes me attractive than just offer

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