A highlight from Matthew Lewis: Harry Potter, Defense Mechanisms, & Comfort


You're listening to inside of you with michael rosenbaum. How are you today ryan. Good to see you see you as well. You just fix your hair because it's a little messy minute ago my here so long. I don't know what to do with it anymore. Have you ever heard of a haircut. No i haven't had one in a little while but wasn't help. Well you can get hair cancer you you're going in there. You're not vaccinated now. Yeah so harry standing straight up is it bad. What are you gonna do if you're listening. You're gonna have to tune in on youtube friends. Sent me this quote. We were talking about you. Know he gets a lot of anxiety and stuff. I play ice hockey in these old hockey buddy. Joey and he says we're talking about anxiety in life. And he says you know. No marcus aurelius. I'm like wanna know him. But he had a quote he says we are more frightened than hurt and we suffer more imagination than reality not thought that was pretty interesting because it's our minds f with us the most right We're always thinking about disaster. Doom and gloom and our minds are much more. I don't know. I think that so accurate. It's like if i could just get outta my own out of my own way. Do you do that when your own way. Of course how did we get out. We just say hey man. Life is good. Let's just like whatever hits us. There's some people that either fucking liars that just go. Yeah just go with the flow and they're happy and they don't think too much. I think when you think too much you're just you're you're you're done the the minute you start thinking over thinking that's when things get complicated for me agree. Try to address falling. You dry swallowing. Ever heard of the word the term dry swallowing. Nothing ever want to hear that again. No i never want to hear the term phone help you guys had a fantastic week and if you here for matthew lewis a friend of mine neville longbottom from harry potter's tons and tons of other shit too and If you have him. I urge you to give the show a chance and Subscribe on youtube and apple spotify. Whatever tune in you might just learn something every week. I know i learned things. Ryan learns things. I guess loans things. And i think all of you might. Matthew lewis is a good buddy. He we met at a convention signing autographs and He was really sweet and he was with his One of his buddies years ago and Ended up crashing at my house. When cain la and his buddy neck and We became friends. And then i my brother. And i went out to england mid a pit stop and he picked us up from the airport to still leads and on the way he stopped by the harry potter sets and saw the owls. And all the little. I mean the o. G. man it was there and it was And i've never been a huge harry potter fan. I've never like. I've never seen all the movies Obviously now with him. And as a friend i was like i have to check them out but you know it was It was interesting. He's such a laid back down to earth guy loves his leads. He's a big leads. Fan just goes on about that. And i and i love that. But you're gonna get a kick out of this interview. It's a lot of fun also Please follow us We would really appreciate the sport. Follow us ryan. Tell them where the hand that what the handles are At inside of you pod on twitter at side of you. Podcast on instagram and facebook. That is correct. Please subscribe on youtube. Please subscribe to via apple podcasts. Please write a review it helps substantially if you're enjoying the show at all it really does help It's like. was it a mind. Pa stores that you want to help out. It's the same thing where that little podcast that could and we will odd cast amman. Podcast mon- podcast. That's a great name re podcast. The mon- podcast. I hope that hasn't been done yet. What just just a posh someone's stealing that right now. I remember listening. You're welcome your fucking welcome also urge you a big big show's

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