#441 Enough is Enough - burst 12


In place. You the pandemic By an army beach area was frong revelers over the weekend and many did not appear to be very much cussing which you could definitely see no mosque or a coupla months. Stay inside but for the most part was just doing what they need to be done. one city official described south features clues the world. Famous ocean drivers being overwhelmed by crowds. On saturday. you can see the pavement. You can see gross at manager run. Gua added that the emergency measures were necessary. Not only to protect our residents but visitors including our spring breakers. Who want to keep safe on sunday. Miami beach police told cnn. They had arrested at least a dozen people off the cuff. You had come into force amazing in it until the measures are lifted Will prevent their positions off vehicles The precipitator vehicles sappy area for the main party strip assuming that's probably the tourist area imagine for the the place where ac- actual miami people live. Missile told miami herald newspaper that he was recommended to keep an image measures in place on two april twelve. Jesus but emoji expire tuesday evening unless they are extended by local authorities Florida constitutes cor for florida continues to be the coronavirus hostile. The us state has recorded. Two million of the country's twenty nine infection says dependent but began delays data from the. Us showed a record. Four thousand free hundred new infections a day and the average over the past week according to see their point join him source having a blast and it is epic videos. Well this is a found already. wait a chases down a dining dasha miami. So imagine right. We're post. covert post lockdown. People are suffering you know Businesses have tons of money. They're just opening for short periods of time. Not sure when things are going to close up against his panic supply chains who've messed up eaten sheffield staff like

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