UN Water Adds Water Environment Federation as a Partner

Words on Water


Welcome to words on water. A podcast from the water environment federation. I'm the host travis loop very delighted to be joined by two guests to talk about. Un water west new status as a partner and un sustainable development goals six. I am joined by joking harlan former. Un water vice chair and currently the chief of units freshwater unit. Yoke team very happy to have you on the podcast. Thank you splurged. Gilliam crist associate program management officer in the freshwater ecosystems unit. Killian glad to have you on as well. Thanks dr. it's great to be so the water environment federation Was recently accepted as a partner of un water we are honored and humbled to have this designation We really look forward to can chicken continuing to contribute to s g six. We have over thirty thousand water professionals working around the world on water and sanitation issues And so really are happy to be part of of un water for folks. That might not be familiar. What is un water its work. That's that's a great question. Travis a Speaker that you in water is not a un organization. It is a coordination mechanism so because water cuts across so many different topics and we already have on occasions in the un family addressing for example food health children environment so on so so instead of putting all that into one place at you and water was created as a coordination

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