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Everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name. Is todd cochran. Of course joining my co host. Mr rob greenlee and we want to welcome you today or having with for those of you. That catching the show as an actual podcast we are of course streaming on our normal locations twitter facebook twitch youtube live Few other places few place on facebook and then we are also in a clubhouse room and rob is got the control on that. And we're going to be bringing people up but rob How you ben. Since last wednesday. I know these these shows come around pretty fast and And so i'm doing fine todd. it's our. it's our saturday morning show which is always great This is this is Day of the week that we started doing this show. What like ten years ago. So this is a this is a long running. Show that we've been doing talking about really new media video if you're new to the show and are in the clubhouse room we the show typically covers what's going on in the podcast industry what's going on With online video We usually have guests on. But we haven't had guests on for a while. Todd and i think it has a lot to do with the fact that we've been doing things on clubhouse and hopefully we have plenty of guests. I think we will but Anyway just to get caught up if you wanna subscribe to this podcast. If you've just joined us new media show dot com is the place to go over there and smash a follower subscribe and of course you can get a phd listening to the show. Just you know. That's how deep we go at times. But what What's top of mind for you. Do you wanna talk anything before we bring a guest up or we're gonna have cue in eight time. I guess aren't we are. What's the what's the plan here. Yeah i think what. Let's talk about some of the the topics from the last couple of days. And then we can. We can bring up some some clubhouse Folks got quite a few people in the room. And i want to thank everybody for jumping in here and participating in the the live recording of this and just want to remind everybody that this is recording so Your voices will go out on a video and audio podcasts. If you wanted to subscribe to the show and it's available at new media show dot com and it all your favorite podcast listening platforms So yeah. I think todd that the the interesting thing That came out. I think over the last couple days is how google is now supporting captions in their podcast. Listening experiences On on the android side stuff is what it looked like So so i think it's. It's a terrific move forward for accessibility and podcasting And it's also available in the chrome browser So what would you think about that. I think it takes a little bit of pressure off some of the the podcast apps that are in the android store to to stop this themselves right. Well it depends if well it takes the pressure off them because google's done it first and we we've known google's than building into everyone individually level but at the same point. I think what were you know there. Is you have to have accessibility. Things turned on in chrome. So there it is. It is largely right now browser-based and i i'm assuming it works. The same on the mobile in the chrome browser. I'm not hundred percent positive. Y'all the android phones that actually works across the platform. I guess. So that's that's really incredible now. One thing that we have to keep in mind is google has been transcribing shows for a while now. So it'll be interesting to see how the accuracy is of those a. If you want to see how well google's doing turn it on and then watch your show and read the you know redick the closed caption if you speak clearly. If you want that transcripted come out. Well so i'm sure they will have bumps everybody just like any other automated system You know to eighty five to ninety percent solution. It's not perfect. But i this is. I've been telling podcasters now for while the google is not playing and they're here to make an impact in the space and yet out of one hundred shows that i listened to maybe ten maybe ten will will encourage their android listeners to subscribe to the show or even on their websites. Give them away to to go listen. They're so focused on spotify and on apple podcast that they continue to ignore the android users. It just drives me crazy and you would think by now people would have come to this but this is the case on a huge percentage of shows right well in in we have yet to see this from a Apple's platform right so this this is going to put a little pressure on apple to adopt close captioning For audio does actually law. That actually says that any online video from a major media source. And i think that that's being kind of drilled down to even a lower level has to have captains Well it depends on where the content is broadcast to. That's the key it's put on cable. Tv from a video standpoint. If it's if it's put on cable tv has to have those captions of its firm broadcast standpoint. But still there's no law for purely digital delivery now. We're not saying that isn't the the right thing to do. Is make sure that people can have accessibility. And and you know we've worked hard you know we've talked about this topic a lot on this show is we've both of us are companies to work hard to make sure that our platforms are accessible and it for creators but the listener part is you know been harder. Yeah i think. I think it's safe to say that everybody can do better at this So i did pull up Scott jams up to the stage in clubhouse and it looks like he's the host of the trust the trail podcast Psych scott thanks for stepping up. Did you have a comment about the the whole conversation about close captioning or you have another comment. I think got appreciate you put me on stage. todd mice you Mike bell on their Nice to see you Todd actually host My podcast on his own buber so appreciate that. my I guess my question is. I don't do enough closed. Captioning and i realized that that that was probably a mistake. Early ad were almost two hundred episodes. In what would be the best way to go back and And i other services out there but his service that you would recommend that i can go back and make sure that that is all closed caption. Well y- you and about one point. Five million podcasters are not doing closed captioning. Because there's no way to do closed captioning and pop right now. So google is the first to have provided a closed captioning acquiesce type of playback. So what they experience in anita experience. Yeah so the what a lot of podcasters have done and you know. 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