Unusual Trouble At Red-Hot Startup Dispo

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Remember despu that hot new photo social app that we were keeping our eye on as a potential next big thing despu basically made you wait until the morning before your photos developed in quotes was co founded by famous youtuber. David dark well. One of dispose. Major backers spark capital has suddenly announced. It is quote severing all ties with despu after claims of sexual assault against a member of dough bricks. Vlog squad arose last week. I suppose i need to back up and explain a bit david. Dobby has been called the jimmy fallon of gen z for his popular youtube videos which apparently focus on comedy and pranks and stunts and the like tens millions of subscribers. Nobody is one of those youtubers. That has one of those multimillion dollar mansions that is extensively the scene of a lot of his videos. He also has this sort of entourage of people known as the wlac squad who also star in his videos. It is a member of the long squad that is accused of the sexual assault though there have been some other questionable incidents lately that dober- himself has recently apologized for in video anyway without getting too in the weeds overall that last week mr dobric was losing sponsors left and right hellofresh dollar shave club. Ea sports seatgeek all severed ties. The very first link in the show notes can give you a rundown of all of that. Now normally i do tend to steer clear of these sorts of youtube star and influence or controversies but there is real sort of industry news here. Because i can't really recall seeing this happened before quoting techcrunch. In light of the recent news about the wlac squat and david dobric the co founder of despu. We have made the decision. To sever all ties with the company spark capital tweeted. We have stepped down from our position on the board and we are in the process of making arrangements to ensure we do not profit from our recent investment in despu and quote spark capital's decision to step back from the despu investment. Feels like a first of its kind. And if not rare it could trigger other investors with stakes in the company to do the same spark capital led a series a. in despu a twenty million dollar financing event that valued the company at two hundred million dollars less than a month ago. The current statement by spark does not indicate that the investment has been pulled from the company yet spark capital did not immediately respond to requests for comment in regards to what this process would look like and if the shares will be sold back to the company or to another buyer

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