Maron Veena Rogue, Department Of Transport And Longevity's Road Albert Park Lakeside Drive discussed on Breakfast with Sammy J


S. Since I'm Cyber Lane. It's a quarter past six. ABC radio traffic. Good morning. It's proud of you for the Department of Transport. One collusion to look out for in some way. Been slippery roads this morning to take care, and he spent like a lookout for a terror. Try picking up a car out bad on North Road at Maron Veena Rogue of the right hand turn lane currently blocks police are directing traffic around that so track in place. In 11 and wholesome, slippery conditions on Delhi's Friday with a bit of mods Reportedly foundation road. Just take care to make your way in both directions. Longevity's Road Albert Park Lakeside Drive still close between Albert Roman Queen tried until mid May for works to upgrade the Grand Prix circuit. Details are in place there. And if you take into public transport bus is replacing trains in the murder line. That's between Clifton Hill in Brazil, four until next Wednesday. For level crossing removed. Works allow extra time. Other lines not looking too bad at this stage of the morning. It's the latest traffic another update Just after 6 30 what industry is over represented in your suburb. I can tell

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