A highlight from 480 - Pope Day


So i just wanted to talk very briefly about something that i did recently that i think a lot of people who have been having issues with climate emergency and showed interest in planet change ten would be very interested in it was created by margaret. Client salman who's a clinical psychologist and a climate activist. It's very similar to what i discussed when i was talking about. Climate change ten in. That is being able to find a safe space where you can talk to people about what. You're really feeling what you really going through. As far as climate change essentially market is created the idea that we had and she's done it online and it's it's amazing. I went through it and i was in a group of five. People just said how we were feeling and at the end of it. Every single person in that group felt better felt more connected. And i think if we can get more people doing this. I think it's a way to make stuff happen. So many people don't feel comfortable bringing climate change up in their lives people around them and this is a great place to do it. It is called climate emotions conversations. I'll put a link on podcasts dot com and in this episode's notes let's get as many people signed up as we can and then you guys can all check it out. It won't take much of your time and all the in one of them which is lucky or unlucky depending on how you feel about me but this is super super beneficial. Really really helps. It's what's needed with what everybody is feeling. So up the show notes or go to doll. Podcast dot com click on the emotions conversations link and join the sash listening to the dollar on the all things comedy network. This is an american history. Podcast where i ice tea drinker eater of cereal man who turns on lamps dave anthony riches story from american history to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. Congrats on the lamp thing. It's great that you've got you called. The vote is jammed patch. I'm the fucking. They've oh god. Gary care and this is not gonna come to tickling clock. Five parker fish now hit him with the puppy present. Sip arguments leaked out right. Kathy i see my friend gareth. We are brought to you in part by the zebra look during quarantine We made a lot of strange purchases. I bought a smoker. That i've never used. I bought some mexican sandals

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