From No Experience to Multi-Million Dollar Business with Ellen Bennett

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Have a company called headley and bennett. We are in apron. Kitchen gear brand based out of los angeles. And when i started our company almost eight years ago we began as really a custom apron. Work where business for just restaurants and through the years it's really evolved into this directive consumer brand that outfits not just professional chefs but home-cooked is well all over the world. So it's been an exciting in amazing journey that. I just got to summarize into a book that i just finished. I'm very excited to push it out into the world and thank you for sending your book to us to. We've really enjoyed it and going through it. The thing i want you to tell everyone is how you actually started. The apron company is the that moment where you realize you were gonna jump for it. It's a moment. I think that actually happens in a lot of people's lives and sometimes you take the leap and other times you stare at the leap and maybe decide. You don't want to do it. But i'm a big believer in just doing it in trying and failing and getting back up again so that is exactly what i did. I was working professionally a couple of restaurants. I wanted to have my own restaurants. And i had gone to culinary school and i had this opportunity that just punched me in the face. Basically i was standing in the restaurant and where it was working. The two michelin star restaurant and then at the same time was working at another restaurant so fine dining and normal dining at the same time so you can imagine that was like a wild simultaneously and at one of those spots. Joseph santana my chef ran up to me and said. Hey there's a girl she's gonna make aprons. Do you wanna buy one. And i had been thinking about a chef coats in howard. Uniforms were just the worst. The fabric was paper. Stanage didn't look good at all and being a professional chef is a bit like being an athlete. You gotta show up and no matter. What comes your way if the push through to the end of the evening and get all the dishes out.

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