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On tap with david axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy a real problem. I had have lost confidence. Hello hacker roosen. Welcome to another episode of the hats on tap. Podcast as you just heard from leader mccarthy. It is definitely well. Love is in the air over at the republican house conference. And tomorrow they're meeting. We're not sure exactly the agenda. But a guillotine is being wheeled into the chamber and maga- read. We're going to talk about that tax politics couple of key senate races. What people really mean when they say things on poles with the great robert gibbs welcome. Robert murphy how are you. I'm good and i'm excited. Because we have a repeat appearance by one of our greatest guests the Tola of modern political paula's democratic consultant strategist in super poster. Old friend of the podcast. mr mark. Mellman his ear to decode all this mark. Welcome thank you very much. Great to be with you gentlemen. Oh it's great to have you here. Somebody who actually can add two plus two and like us political hacks and get five rows going to say we can actually do a special that. We talk about polling without having somebody who understands math so welcome yeah always pleasure so new new new angle for us so anyway let we might as well start the house. Republican conference is gonna have a meeting tomorrow and the topic is The one and only liz cheney who is of course the at large member from wyoming and has been outspoken about the trivial matter of the insurrection on the six and the toxicity of donald trump to the party. So that is now apparently crowns sir. Talking honestly about attempted treason is now apparently party treason. And there's going to be a move to remove. Her from her position is number. Three in the republican leadership It's a secret ballot. So i think there's a slim chance she might survive. But what do we think about that. And do we think anybody who care in the real world when it comes to the midterm elections. I would just say. I think this is a significant and important moment for what i will call the former republican party. Because i'm not entirely sure what it's going to coalesce around and i don't wanna give it what it used to be because i think it's fairly important that this demonstrates that a d. platform golfer in florida has a stronger grip on the republican party than anybody else does by d. platform golfer and florida. I i don't mean karl. From caddyshack. I mean donald trump. And you know it's remarkable that as he has actually played less of a role i think in our daily lives partly because of the d platforming. But he's actually strengthened his grip on the republican party and now having to say the election was stolen is basically table stakes for participating in in the leadership of the republican party. Mark what do you think. I think roberts absolutely right a year from now come november. Twenty twenty two are voters to be sitting around saying god. I hate what happened liz. Cheney i don't think so on the other hand. This is a critical moment in terms of the story of the republican party and the story that the republican party is telling the nation is that we are controlled they are controlled by donald trump and. That is a bad story for the republican party. It's a great story for democrats but a bad story for the republican party and that is the story is being told and being reinforced in this moment. Look i totally agree. I mean one thing that's going on. You have to understand a little bit about the psychology of the house caucus because this is beyond even a pure trump thing Wh- there is a faddish in our caucus and may maybe in your caucus to you guys would know better than me about team loyalty and all that. So part of what's going on is this ostrich strategy at the leadership has which is if we don't talk about these problems like trump in the attempt to storm the capital. There go away and we can complain about ao. Do other stuff for the mid term elections so cheney who many of them privately like like less now because she keeps talking about so their view is she keeps stirring up the mainstream media on this. We gotta make her go away and the problem will go s strikes. Me is incredibly naive and stupid. If i were republican candidate trying to win a suburban district or hold a suburban district to try to get to the majority next year. I would like having his shanty number three so when people ask me. Well what are you thinking of that trump. We don't like them here in bucks county or whatever and say well. I'm with liz. Cheney and if you're in a hardcore red district you could say. I don't like that liz. Cheney having your in office as politically better instead they think an issue that can't go away is gonna go away and i. I think it's incredibly stupid But that is the real psychology in in the caucus about even why some of the members who who enthusiastically voted to keep her are now pivoting. They think somehow the headache will go away. And and let me let me just do a quick sin here with an unpaid at breitbart. Brilliantly brought up caddyshack which made me think of my friend. Brian doyle murray. Who was the prime writer in caddyshack. Checkout william murray golf dot com. The murray brothers now have cool gulf. Wear so brian there. He's a listener. There's your there's your free plug for pretty cool Bill murray brian doyle murray and other murray brother gulf wear their now back to the thing.

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