Open A Can (MM #3704)


The Maison with Kevin Nation for years. I've heard people say that drinking soda out of aluminum cans is bad for you. The one thing I've always hated about aluminum Coggins, it doesn't keep the soda cold enough. Same thing for beer, I guess you'd say, but what I found is, why like my Coca Cola and small glass bottle because it is colder. The aluminum cans can also cause problems with our mental health. Some have thought that a possible causes Alzheimer's or perhaps even early onset dementia, but new research out of England says, that's probably not the case. But what happens? Our body doesn't process aluminum in the system. Well, as we get older, by the time, we reached our fifties and sixties, it starts messing with our brain, something, fascinating something scary, and we'll something to make, you think twice. And what's funny? They talked about drinking soda out of aluminum game but they didn't mention beer. Yeah, I can remember back to before, there were aluminum cans and didn't see the problem as much with ten, but I've always preferred glass bottles. Whether it was beer, whether it was soda, no matter what it was. And now I have something else to think about when I think about aluminum dead.

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