Senate votes to start debate on COVID-19 relief bill

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The Senate has begun Debate on President Biden's $1.9 Trillion Cove. It 19 relief bill, with Vice President Kamila Harris, casting the deciding vote to begin the debate. On this vote. The ayes or 50. The nays are 50. The Senate being equally divided. The vice president votes in the affirmative, and the motion to proceed is agreed to South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham complained earlier that Democrats are trying to go it alone. The inaugural speech Rings hollow When it comes to this provision, the 1.9 covert pack trained covered package everything president by and said he wanted to do for the country he abandoned. Republicans also say Biden's covert relief packages too expensive and does not take into account that the pandemic and economy are turning around. Democrats maintain that too many Americans are suffering. But have agreed to some spending limits following pressure from party

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