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Hello friends. Welcome back to the airport back at it again with another week of royal news. Maggie you ready for this. Because i'm quite exhausted. Oh man it was. It wasn't a week are like a year. I feel like so much happened this going to need you to be my caffeine based. It's been a long. it's well you know what i'm going to start off by just saying something. I learned this week. That is not related but it is a caffeine boost. I learned just today that the british have a term of being. But i i the back. This determine eric i don't actually either. All i know is boris johnson. The british prime minister used it. When was talking about how he's lost weight and it's trying to encourage others to lose weight and he says i'm full of beans. Now is an american thought. He literally was on a diet and was like full of beans. And that's my interpretation. And then i start on air saying this and they were like minot. It's like he's full of energy. That's it's sort of like i'm kosta. Philippines is is in. it's like the maximum. Yeah hi spirit. I here to deliver the photo for you. I'm not sure quite quite how one uses it. But we'll take it. But i have been full of beans this week but i'm also trying to chill out because it has been quite a week for oil and use my anxiety definitely rises when the stories at get a little negative. I always get this bowl in my stomach. People might think that will correspondence enjoy when it gets dramatic and maybe maybe they do but not for me. In fact i have my podcast loaded. I've got my audio books on deck. I'm trying to have my zen moments. And i'm also trying to learn at the same time and you know here on the airport. We often talk about royal wives. And i would say rural wise first ladies have always been sort of a source of fascination around the world and in the us since the days of georgian martha washington. But for every. Jackie kennedy whose life has obviously being chronicled heavily over the is there also others that contribute to we'll have gone without that kind of recognition. And so i've been listening. To the story of ladybird johnson. Who is one of them. And you know. I'll colleagues hair. Abc news Just launched a new podcast in plain sight. Lady bird johnson it's just a available all podcast platforms kind of tells the story of her life and the influence that he's had on american politics in large part through audio diaries. A lot of them haven't been heard for the same time. I'm pretty gripped. I love this because it's kind of like she was almost the original podcast like the oj podcast because they use over one hundred twenty. Three hours of lady birds audio diaries. So this is really. You know her story in her own voice. And what's been interesting that you think you know history and then to hear it portrayed in this way it's actually been really surprising and it comes across as a totally original portrait of this former first lady in one that we've never really seen before. Why think if you haven't dived into the world of lady bird johnson. Listen i think for me. It was a lot of new information but a parent. I've spoken some of my friends. One of my friends that listening to this at the moment who is american and also feels like they knew pretty much. Nothing that's that's in it. There's a couple of episodes available already and six more episodes in the weeks coming along and they're going to sort of showcase johnson's involvement in her husband's administration touching on her relationship with historical figures from the era including everyone from jfk. To the kid. So it's definitely worth checking out really cool. I'm so excited for that. Well if you guys want to listen and you can search for in plain sight. Lady bird johnson. Wherever you're listening just right now and we'll also gonna leave a link for you guys in the episode descriptions so definitely worth checking out. Yeah so you know what. I'll be doing when we finished but back to the news. Of course longside. Every queen is also a to full husband and we have of course being very much thinking about prince philip. This week who approaches is third weekend in hospital but there has been progress. Of course i think just as we recorded the last episode we had heard they had been moved to a different hospital in london to be treated for pre existing heart condition and of course since then we've had further updates from the palace and i want to preface this by saying it's not often we get this many health updates from the parents. Usually the sort of medical history and health information about members of the royal family is kept under lock and key palaces. Usually very hesitant to comment in situations like this. I found it really interesting and refreshing in some ways to get such candidate. Updates in the palace about prince philip's health. I think that probably says a lot. About how many people across the country and around the world as we've seen have been worried for him you know he's so close to his hundred birthday and i think people really love to see him celebrating up that that's good perspective. I didn't realize that this the frequency of updates was rare because they were fairly brief. But i think like you said there were so many is on it. We saw earlier this week. be transported to a different hospital than i remember sitting in the newsroom and all the sudden everyone was running around because there were ambulances outside the hospital. He was staying in and they were being hidden by umbrellas and there was lots of speculation about what was happening and of course when speculation starts you know the rumors run wild and so it was good. The palace really updated people. We know he was brought to another hospital. Specializes in cardiac issues and cardiac surgery in the palace announced that no he underwent a surgery to help you with a pre existing condition in his heart and learning things like that. I think are helpful for people to know what's going on. And we now know he sends left that hospital gone back to a different hospital to recover these days to be recovering for a few more days. Still you know. This is middle of his third week now in hospitals. That's a long time for anyone. Let alone someone ninety nine. Yeah we're approaching another weekend and you know as you said he came from. Saint bartholomew hospital in london is now back at the king edward. The seventh and i was talking to someone earlier today. prince philip. Is someone sort of the action man at the royal family. He was known for being the one that wants to be out there keeping his hands the and busy all the time. And that's why if you remember backs the car accident incident. He was literally riding his horse and carriage around would farm within days of getting home because he doesn't like to be cooped up and so i'd imagine he's very frustrated spending this long in hospital and so isolated to the visitor policies as we've seen have been quite strict in fact whilst he was staying at saint bartholomew hospital for his minded procedure. They had a very strict visit. A policy no one was able to go and visit him but wouldn't surprise me if we see someone else from the royal family paps prince william visiting his grandfather this weekend and you make a good point. I didn't think of that but that has to be very scary for the whole family as well to know that. Someone's someone who loves in the hospital at that age or at any age getting surgery in the middle of a pandemic. i mean that's a lot that's a lot to deal with. And so i do it on a public forum

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