132: Joe Black Returns!


They it's not put sans. We look we'll reagan. You will so. I had a last minute outfit. Jane does wearing a different hat. But i'm really into this often. Oversized tat right. I was gonna do that. What kind of is that. Well this is from place with child of the jay. Go boy george. Wisdom choir and since reposted dressing as a silent movie villain. I think he started wearing them as well isn't it. It's interesting. You bring up rupaul as a villain so early in the show because few contestants candidates if you will have endured such a magical special kind of tirade as you on the main stage well i amongst the elite now very very rarefied air that you know. There's only like three three four. It's a small amount. You got to enjoy that after being away for awhile so you really got to rest up and and enjoy the bollocking that you got fun time where we go. Well that was mentioned earlier. There we go. Thanks very much you know. It had to come up right. And you did mention rupaul. so i know comically oversized hands. Yeah exactly now. What are you enjoying as a beverage right there. I have a gin an elder flower because i i mean this. I was going to say that. Well i'm enjoying some lovely joe. Black decker peng jin It's it's not that one because those are being bought up or both ships out now. There were balled up But i have my own money. I had the opportunity little tiny taste bottles but not the actual size one. Yeah so i know what it tastes like. But i haven't got the full experience in a completed bottle in my house yet. Glad that you brought up right at the top because we go from the rue thing into this. It's more refreshing than the rupaul story. How did it come about well. I so i was. I've been working with a lovely gentleman by the name of nathan who is dealing with the business aspect of of what i do and i. It's it's easy. You know what you want to do. And i said i would. I would love to collaborate with an alcohol brand particularly gin brand to to do like collaboration. Jin he was saying well. Why don't we take that a step father. And how about you have your own chin rather than smack in your face and someone else's jen and i said geno wa. Yes yes and it was it. Was you know everything from the you. Know how the ingredients listed to the The blurb the design the bottle shape the you know what kind of paper the label is you know and then i got a box of you know all of my up you know. What flavors do i want. And i got every kind of variation of that. Flava possible arrived in a big box of lots of number tiny bottles. And i had to fill myself. You know i guess. In in days of old you have turned up tend up the distillery and tried it yourself and then but now a days in the post and you you film yourself i did drinking. You know each should the thing old numbers all in the lion all in cups and Yeah we sat on them number three. What are the flavors in the jin in the gin grapefruit prune and plum interesting. That was prune common flavoring for jin. Prune addict think is particularly common one But a proven is just a plum a prune by any other name It is all the gives it some depths. Doesn't it he and his kind of sweetness of of both the sugary nece the grapefruit. The grapefruit wasn't my choice. They suggested that. When i tasted it affect danisco actual edible twenty three carat golden.

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