696: For All Mankind S2E3 Review: 'Rules of Engagement'



Joined as always in this high orbit link-up between two superpowers by dan. More hello visit us sticking with it. I mean it's a plot point in the season now so let's let's go with it. Let's go with it. We're in the eighties by the way in rules of engagement this episode. It's very clear because from my rolled up. Sports coats ghostbusters. Apparently i don't know it's all happening. Not not everything has changed in this time. Line but y- delayed by the way because of the fact that i definitely grew up watching that the real goes by the real because there was an animated ghostbusters. Yes because that was busters. Two words that was like a film mation or something seventies and so a while they were. They made the movie. The the cartoon had to be renamed from ghostbusters. To the real guy. I just enjoyed that. They went with. What do we call it. Well the real goes not like those fake. Yeah just to stick it to the people who had the rights to the actual ghostbusters. The i i enjoy a little corporate warfare. We we have to fake news anchors in this show this is. This is the poll. Michael's fake news anchor. We get new relation to fill my a maybe panama terrorism. Therefore americans are rescued by in a raid organized by ronald reagan. There's this idea that there's a diplomatic and military confrontation heating up in central america in panama. Which as because we've got the whole world in you know it's the cold war and it's heating up so the suggestion that like all these kind of pain points around the world are also heating up as a part of the kind of the fight between the us and the russians and this is only escalated as we go to the moon and discover that. Hey the russians moved our stuff. I love this because it's super passive aggressive. It's like fight with your college roommate where you come back. And they're like yeah. When i moved all your stuff out so i put my stuff like my stereo instead of your stereo and you're just like put stuff and and you know that if you get in a fight with your roommate a physical altercation acts the world will end right it. S going to wait for them to leave. And then you test and that's what's happening except on the moon. Yeah yeah this is really interesting. Because because they've made their move which is that they've found somehow. They know that they've found valuable valuable minerals. And they've taken the mining site over. And so there's this question of how you how you do. This and the discussion is basically. We're going to have to wait until they leave. And then we're going to go back in and we're never gonna leave which means we have to leave a security detail there which leads that whole conversation that they have or it's basically like they're going to need to be guns like. Is there literally anything else we could do. And the answer is also there needs to be marines the guns. I really love this conversation. This is a great scene because it really does talk about the implications of that right. Because everyone's like yeah we'll just go in and and we'll hold it. We'll leave people there. And it's you know. Essentially ed and the military general bradford who are the two guys who have military experience right and they're like. Yeah how you gonna do that. How are you going to do that without guns. And it's a really great point because it has this moment if everybody was going like well we don't we don't need guns and they're like yeah like what happens the russians come back and move our stuff out again are you gonna. Are you gonna punch them on the moon not gonna work. Yeah so. I enjoyed this because it does. I mean you know in in our in our world. We are reality. This there is sort of this. Tacit non weaponization of space. Which i think you know has has its limits right. People put a government split spy satellites and stuff like that in orbit and but not necessarily weapons and in this reality. That hasn't really been a thing. So you know we get an inside view of all right. Is this conflict. These these proxy conflicts for play out in places in the for the cold war. The moon is now just another battlefield. Right for the proxy catholics right. And how does that. How does that work because it now you're expanding into a frontier. And what do we import into that frontier. And do we do. We take that. Step of arming. Because they're going to take that step. And i kept thinking to like who's to say the russians don't have guns but i think she's not there. Is that the americans. Don't the americans want to do this thing where they wait for. The rush even moved their stereo outside. Then they are going to need the guns to do that. Otherwise they'll just you know. This is just coupon and more the point once you once you let that genie out of the bottle. You can't put it back in right as long as soon as there are weapons in space that is the opens the door.

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