Cuomo addresses harassment claims vowing to stay in office


And easy. You and britain clash again in latest post. Brexit spat. it's thursday march fall. I'm anthony davis new york governor. Andrew cuomo on wednesday said he intends to remain in office in the face of sexual harassment. Allegations that have weakened his support and led to calls for his resignation. The democratic governor speaking some believe in his first public appearance since three women accused him of inappropriate touching and defensive remarks apologized and said that he learned an important lesson about his behavior around women. I now understand that. I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. Cuomo said it was unintentional. And i truly and deeply apologize for. It asked about kohl's for him to step aside. The third term governor said. I wasn't elected by politicians. I was elected by the people of the state of new york. I am not going to resign. Coma acknowledged sensitivities have changed and behavior has changed and what he considers his customary greeting an old world approach. That often involved kisses and hugs is no longer acceptable. But the allegations against the governor go beyond aggressive greetings former eight lindsay boylan accused cuomo of having harassed her throughout her employment and said he wants suggested a game of strip poker

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