Us. You get an opportunity to get that vaccine. Please get it. Please continue to wear mask. Bulls After Governor Holcomb got vaccinated at the Speedway Bull says Getting vaccinated is a key step so we can look forward to the next steps were 86 days. Away from 105th running of the Indianapolis 500. We hope to see many of you here, John Heroic 93. W I. B C Mobile news Indiana teachers are lining up for their shots at Kroger and Wal Mart and now a third retailer joins that federal program. Meyer plans a dozen clinics by the end of next week. Starting April 5th I PS, middle and high school students will have the option of returning to in person learning full time. The school district says a remote learning option will also be available. Indiana's U. S. Senators both plan to vote No on President Biden's pandemic relief plan America Furman Todd Young was one of 10 Republicans who visited the White House to propose a smaller package. He and Mike Braun both

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