Becoming Part of the UK EV Supply Chain


We'll be speaking about the company's production techniques the benefits of using wise products and of course have the company's been adapting an pivoting during the covid nineteen pandemic so flip welcome to electric specified herein sites Coup think to kick us off. I think what will be good for. Our listeners is if you can give us a bit of background about track. Wise more what. The company does not on your involvement in the company. If the is so truck wise we were founded in nineteen eighty-nine nine designs limitation started as a printed circuit design. Bureau mood soon. Enough to manufacture and in the mid nineteen nineties was asked to make a nine foot lem prince a second vote and this very large nuts circuit was one of the la gsm gsm nine hundred by station at tennis. Oh the company in fell specialized in the manufacture of them not really really conventional printed circuit boards but products using printed circuit technology. In this case would some in it was printing on tennis again. These very large Up to sell to two point eight meters length so really for the last twenty five years. Tuck wise as making provincial infrastructure. Tata's for Industry in that has been a big big business loris. So i joined the business and we but that the company had this set had this manufacturing capability which was dead. The manufacturer Bodes my feeling. Was that if we could sell it to one. Then one company we will be able to sell it to others and i joined net. She pulled business internet in two thousand on that basis remote keble. Oh i second customer office. New custom was based in melbourne. Seth australia and we ended up in shipping tons and tons of products. That to let and it to melvin. Indem ultimately go to queens exploit that Interesting journey and but yeah so that. That's that's where we started from. And what's what would you say differentiates the flex circuits the track manufacture for mother. Fpdc's yup in kosovo am flexible printed circuits. As as a not a not a new technology was people making ftc's long before trackways was ever ever involved. Am what what we did was. We took a our existing large large format manufacturing capability and really develop it to be linked limited so that is a fundamental proposition to the mockus normally flexible printed second Size are typically six. Ten minutes is twenty four inches in length. There's a handful of people on the worldwide macy's who can make make larger boats tip avail to a certain size but really check wise offering is is length unlimited. So awhile back. The longest product we made was twenty five meters. We've made fifty meter long products. I'm damn nici this week about to launch into To making seventeen eleven product. You know so linson. Limited is a real proposition of the market. Yes i think. The graph on the track wise websites of highlighting a kind of the lengths that you guys can manufacturer as i write the case Whether liberals are going to get on this something needs pulse. I we're pretty proud of this technical ability. And it's his set me of his has gained some interest on the worldwide that we keeps promote that so much space thorough menu image. Coming them in the press. Explain a little bit more about the use of. Iht's the wiring harnesses soup today. I'd like to say it was a minute my class to teach it thinking. That was actually a an approach. Were originally buy royce. Aero-engines who looking for place the why hanis inside the aero-engines with flexible printed circuits in order to excite white and decide space because the aero-engines bake roughly eight meters the from fight to oversee the flexible printed circuits with a big rolls royce at hud. We made them met made big Badges that the reason we colder to improve thomas. Technologies is is the same reason the was originally. I'm originally developed spec in the middle of the century so that they do wolf a significant improvements conventional lot hanis

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