Rudy Gobert's Transformation Started In The D-League

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On sunday rudy. Gobert made his second straight appearance in an nba. All star game. Tom make it a second confederate and for years. Now the big man with the even bigger wingspan. There's been a dominant force within the nba. Tolbert defensive player of the year. There was a time when that was not the case. Time when rudy gobert future was very much in doubt. Today the fx christopher come ronnie takes us back to the time when go gobert was uncertain about where it was headed and explains how he climbed his way to the top. They knew that if he could fill out if he could continue to develop defensively and add various tidbits to his game. Offensively could potentially become a game changer in the league. That's their mind in rudy's mind. He always believed that he would took from wondering athletic. I'm under scotto. It's monday march eighth. And this is the league. It felt like something great emotion and ask past. I s not get this. This is here. you're gonna be the athlete. It stays with you so chris basketball fan today. Think of rudy gobert this absolute force you know a guy who dominates around the rim often makes other teams change their style of play when they face him. But you recently spoke with rudy and wrote about how that has not always been the case so take us back to the days when rudy gobert was not yet rudy. Gobert there. Yes so rudy. Gobert was drafted by the denver nuggets in two thousand thirteen and acquired by the jazz in a draft night. Trade played for show les the french league and his sizeable things into the twenty seventh overall. Pick and he came into the league as a relative unknown. What you'll bring to this team. I mean i i know. You're very long and and a defensive presence. What do you think you can. How can you help this team right away right away. Yeah can we. He had worked his way up the international level coming up in france he had to work himself onto the radar of even french national teams. He wasn't really all that known as a fifteen sixteen year old. How long have you been playing basketball nine years nine. So did you grow up playing soccer before he was on jazz team. That had several high draft picks on it. They had derrick favors. Ns canter to former high draft picks. Big men that played rudy's position. They had a veteran and andreas. Who was a veteran presence on that team as a big man and under that regime rudy kind of found himself as the odd man out but the jess drafted him and took him on as a project and he apparently was not the most stylish guy. What he i community league. yes so obviously. When you're twenty one year old seven foot one kit. That's tall and gangly. It's hard to find clothes that fit you. Great i was going to be on. Is doing right now if you see rudy these various nba awards where he's won the nba defensive player of the year. Two times now. He's showing up and looking very much like a stylistic parisian that he probably always wanted to be back in two thousand thirteen when he was still sort of odd man out on the jazz as you put it. He got sent down to the bakersfield jam of what was then the d. league. i from a life standpoint. What was it. Like for rudy gobert. End up so far off the beaten path and you know in one of the rougher parts of california yes so it's a culture shock for anybody. I think who wants to be a professional basketball player to have to go to a place like bakersfield. California bakersfield has kind of a rough and tumble streak about it. It isn't the most friendliest places. Well tonight we are taking an in depth look into black tar heroin and its presence here in kern county. Rudy's coach will void talked about it would be culture shock for anybody. Let alone a parisian arriving in bakersfield. Which is we're like community area where where are rena and everything was based. That is kind of like mess. Mess capital of the world. So i think he was not going to find a croissant sprint. Snow and anywhere around there. The coaches just told him to stay in his hotel room. And just relax tries to be honest. tells hotel for the most in when he wanted to go work out at the gym. the bakersfield complex. Had you know that all that stuff in their facility but it was very much like. It was almost like a private school in that. He went from work to the hotel room. And that's

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