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First of All


Producer and entrepreneur and i'm here to show inspiring stories and to walk their everyday life with you guys are doing well staying safe and healthy hope. You're getting vaccinated soon. You already have. I got my last week and a very mixed bag of emotions having that milestone And feeling marginally safer and this madness. Because i don't know what day of the panorama that we are in but it's been one hell of a year. Were still in it. Were hopefully seeing light at the end of the tunnel moving towards it. But i understand as much as anybody else. How tiring it's been. How mentally physically emotionally exhausting. We've all just been feeling through all of this madness all the life events all the tragedies all of the minor daily annoyances to like from big and small. It's been a lot so giving all big big hug at the very top of the episode because I just i feel you guys and we've all been going through it and hopefully we can make the right moves and stay safe if you've been listening to first of all you know that. I'm a very consistent advocate to wear your masks social distance and to be safe i am having lots of feelings watching a variety of people in my universe. Go out and act like nothing is happening or has been happening and I'm reaching i've not wanted to really vocalise it but like it has been bothering me. It has been a lot to process and to like let roll off my back. When i genuinely feel frustrated and angered and triggered that there are people that will not take this or science seriously or other people's safety seriously and somehow feel entitled in whatever like just ridiculous across the board not to start this off super negative of. I'm just keeping it real. You know what i mean. This is what i have to do. First of all. Who do you think you are. I'm just okay. I'm going to go there but that that is kind of like little little tidbit of like what. I've been feeling along the way you know what i mean for the last what thirteen months now so if you have access to a vaccine which everyone's supposed to have very soon please do it for love. Love got please do it. And stay safer on each other still because it doesn't mean that we won't get it in their variance and all that stuff and please stay educated on top of that because i don't want people to suffer unnecessarily and if we become you know catalysts for other folks to get sick and we you know expose our vulnerable loved ones to it like it all it's all ripple effect you know what i'm saying like our sanity hangs in the balance so let's do each other and ourselves a solid and just stay safe for of god. We're at the home stretch. I feel like and the host of anybody works out. If you're like you're last rep or your last superset or whatever into this kind of thing. The last mile in the last little bit feels the freaking hardest. And it's like that's the time it's like how i mentally condition myself you guys. That's the time to not take your eye of the ball. You you cannot. That's not the point to get lazy and not takes a lot of mental fortitude and like just determination and sheer willpower. This is like when you're on the hero's journey and they're like right at the crisis point you just wonder like are they gonna make it or are they going to crack. Is this going to be where it all goes to hell. And everything falls apart. And that's the tension of like when you're watching a movie or film or tv show you have to reach that crisis feel like we're just you know. This is not the time to get lazy and i. I know the feeling because i'm tempted anybody else. But don't just don't do it. I believe in you. I love you and i believe in you anyway. If you have noticed this is another solo episode. So if you guys didn't get enough of me like processing my feelings and venting a lot of creating space which was the intention of that episode in the last one. I curious again. We will have guests very soon. People have just been taking their space. And i wanted to be respectful and people had their schedules change. And all that stuff. But i wanted to continue to process and share some things with you guys but also continued make space and amplify the things that are going on regarding the anti-asian violence the anti-racist movement that's been going on for a very long time but especially intensely in the last year and were now like having the trial of derek chauvin for george george floyd murder like there's a lot of things happening at this particular moment in time that this is me like not taking the foot off my gas pedal so that we can continue to expand and grow and learn and hopefully be better. Because that's what needs to happen right now. In my personal opinion so last episode as i mentioned was a lot of me like processing. What happened with the anti-ageing violence. What's been going on in the aftermath of the georgia atlanta georgia. Shooting of the six asian women that were murdered And there's been a continuation of that and there's been a lot of processing of lot of feelings been protests and rallies. There's been a lot of a calls to action. Social media amplification different allies coming to the forefront of a lot of potential allies. Speaking out against it and it's been a very very fascinating time. People have taken their space to kind of grief through a lot and it has been very very real. It has been extremely exhausting and and a lot of ways necessary. I think to bring to this next part of the journey which is figure out how to implement action and how to keep this fight alive to to a sustainable degree because this fight is not over and realistically speaking. This is not me advocating for this but this is just being very realistic that it's not going to end anytime particularly soon that there. There's a lot that's being revealed like a veiled. It's being lifted about the true nature about a lot of different people's feelings in both good and bad ways. There's a lot of people speaking out that maybe were unexpected. Allies and people who are now speaking up for themselves which is incredibly beautiful and empowering to see and there's also a revealing of other people's attitudes that they've kept quiet and that again over the last especially last four years in the united states. We've seen become a lot more open in the public sphere in different public arenas in private arenas it's it's become really painful and ugly to bear witness to but that's also been happening so in light of that. I think it'd be naive and kind of foolhardy to think that this is something that can be glossed over that we can just let sort itself out. Do you know what. I'm saying and like a lot of difficult things in life. Things don't just resolve themselves. We have to be actively participating in resolving them so in this episode. I wanted to share some reflections from learnings of some resources because there has been a lot of movement. I've been doing my best to take space to like. He'll a bit deal with my own life and like make sure that i have enough fuel to keep going. Which is its own leg skill and art form if you will but yeah. I mean the title of this episode is enough is enough and it's been enough for very long time but i think we've reached yet another tipping point in dealing with racism in dealing with some very real things that need as many people at the forefront to fight because we can no longer stay on the sidelines. Be silent be bystanders and if anybody's in keeping up with all the different social media content being shared and a lot of it has been really painful and triggering to watch people being brutalized. There have been a lot of bystanders. Who do stand by and do nothing. And that has been an extra salt on the wound. Another like just another wound in and of itself another attack. I think another assault on all of our very fragile feelings of like hopefulness and hopelessness and so all things considered we cannot just sit by and let a few do the work for all and we cannot sit on our high horses. We cannot afford to think that we're just so privileged to like not do anything. This is not this not where it's at. This is not what it's about I've been a longtime advocate that there are leaders in every single one of us. Each one of us is the main character in every single one of our own lives. We are the main character. Where the protagonist or the leader of the captain of our ship. If you will so if you're letting other people and like going to kind of victim mindset the whole world and all. The circumstances are happening to you. I personally don't subscribe to that. And i've been taught through and through in my own life circumstances and watching other people that i really admire and respect. How they so gracefully and strategically and Resilient deal with their own obstacles in like.

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