Australia and Greece Recommend Alternative Vaccines for Young People

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Australia and greece are the latest countries to recommend alternatives to the astra zeneca cova vaccine for young people after researchers found more rare but potentially fatal blood clots linked to the vaccine. European officials have identified roughly two hundred clots among a million people who shaved astra zeneca shots in europe in the uk. Npr's jason bogosian has been following the story and he joins us now for an update. Good morning good morning jason Some of the new research was published. Just yesterday what does it say what. We still don't know exactly what's happening in these patients. The papers in the new england journal of medicine. They look at sixteen cases in norway. Germany and austria. And here's what they found. The symptoms begin about a week to fourteen days. After the immune ization patients started out with these really severe headaches. Muscle aches swelling. Nine of the sixteen died and most of them were young women in their twenties and thirties. Yikes do you know why. At this point it's too early to tell why predominance among women it may be due to the fact that norway was using astrazeneca for healthcare workers who lean towards predominantly women and using pfizer to vaccinate. It's older populations that might have things bit. Initially european regulators said the rates of this calling disorder. Were no higher than what you'd see in the general population. But they've changed that now they're saying yes it does appear that in roughly one in a hundred thousand people vaccinated with astra zeneca. This serious side. Effect could occur. We should note that the astra zeneca vaccine is not authorized yet here in the united states correct but our other countries with this new information. Still gonna use it. Well some are switching. How they're using it. They're offering alternatives to the younger people and trying to use astrazeneca more with older groups up but many countries really don't have a choice. Astra zeneca is the vaccine. Much of the world is banking on

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