Real Estate Coaches, Good, Bad and The Ugly - burst 5


Obviously Point number two jobs, like my numbers to have they sold more than a hundred homes in one year subdivisions and buildings don't count. Why is that that that was real sales but that's kind of one and done that doesn't necessarily mean that their skills are often Rod actual single family homes in a variety of price ranges in a variety of neighborhoods is what you're looking for. So how they actually sold so question one was okay, mr. Coach. I understand you want I want me to hire you as my coach, but have you sold real estate or have you had a real estate license and actually have you sold real estate at the answer is no that is not a real Coach that is if they could do question number two how they sold. Okay. So let's say this month. Add this person trying to sell you. Their coaching Services has had a license has sold real estate. Now the question the second question is have you missed your perspective coach actually sold more than a hundred houses and one year off at the answer to that one is yes, you've got something that's a unicorn. It's grab that unicorn by the horn and let's move on to the third question has that perspective coach sold more than a hundred homes a year off for at least five years in a row has that actual coach that you're thinking about hiring sold more than a hundred homes per year for at least five years in a row because two Julie's point, they could have very well hit the easy button and sold a subdivision or sold a building or sold something like that and that's could have been how they sold a hundred homes in a year, but for them to have actually sold over a hundred homes a year for at least five years in a row. That's somebody who actually had their act together probably had a business that was organized in such a way that that somebody you should listen to they've proven themselves to be able to sell lots of houses. They proven themselves to sell lots of things. Is consistently now you're on you're on to something you got somebody that's actually special right now, but the last question is actually going to be what's going to knock virtually all of them out because just because you can do something a high level just because you can you at a high level or you know, something like that does not mean that you actually have the skill set to teach other people how to do it and they're this goes back to the level of learning and jelly. Can you remind them to levels sure and so you might want to write this down cuz they do kind of sound the same. You've got first you're in unconscious incompetence. That means you don't know what you don't know. You don't even know the right questions to ask to get there. Then you have an aha moment. There's stuff. I don't know maybe I to do something like get a pre-listing package together, for example, so the second stage is conscious incompetence. You're actually a where that you don't know a lot of stuff. That's when you become coachable. Then you move into conscious competence. That's where you've worked on a lot of things. You're still having to prepare your presentations your hunting your skills. Groups etcetera but you are becoming consciously competent. Then you become unconsciously competent. That's when you're kind of on autopilot. You've done so many appointments, you know, that scripts are predictable that they presentations kind of go the same way and you know, the danger with that is getting complacent. But those are the four stages you do me a favor and go turn your alarm off. Okay, you're going to go quietly. All right. Your guys are about to hear Julie's alarm was okay. All right. So the last important the most important thing here is is that if you do find yourself wanting a real estate coach, which frankly all of you should be doing and then, you know be very very careful who you listen to be incredibly careful who you do business with because here's what you're going to discover is there are a lot of people out there who are or calling themselves coaches who have never sold real estate because there is no rules or regulations or anything filters for determining who who is or who is not an actual coach. So the first question should be who they had. They actually sold real estate residential real estate had they had a license the second question is did they sell more than a hundred houses in home? New Year the third question is did they sell over a hundred houses per year for at least five years in a row and the fourth question is and again, this is the most important one in our opinion is just because they were successful at selling real estate agent assume that they know actually how to disseminate how to coach and train other people who do the same thing. It is a completely different skill-set. Now the last question and filter number for how they been paid off actually paid to to provide over 10,000 coaching calls and that should be your minimum standard now, so why do we put that in there as a standard because anybody can say that they've coached are trained a bunch of Agents if they've done some some zooms or maybe office meeting office meetings or whatever. That's not the same as getting paid getting paid changes the nature of the relationship when your page to do something that the market forces will make it so that you might be able to charge for five or six people to pay you to coach. But if you're not going to do it, you're not going to have a growing business in other words, if you're not really good at it getting better birth. That you're not going to have ever gotten anywhere close to having had, you know ten thousand coaching calls. Now that doesn't necessarily mean ten thousand different coaching clients that just means ten thousand different coaching calls. And you know, if you've not if you're just trying to decide who you're going to listen to frankly you can just skip to the fourth one. Have you can you actually prove to me mister potential coach the you've actually done ten thousand in a coach and calls, you know who has a Julie the author that says unless you've done something 10,000 times. You're not a bird person was the one that started that right. That's right. Yeah and let me speak to this a little bit too from a coaching Malcolm Gladwell who I was thinking of Thomas Edison did say it originally. So here's here's the thing.

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