Prince Philip Didn’t Want the ‘Fuss’ and ‘Frills’ of ‘a Massive Funeral


Years of age. His marriage to Queen Elizabeth was the longest marriage in the history of the royal family. Yeah, they were married back in 1947. Let's go live to London and get the latest from Fox News Radio Simon Owen. Simon. Such sad news. How was his death announced? Hey, Good morning. I'm outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, And this was one of the places where the news was published. There was a notice the palace gates, which Gave the briefest of details announcing village death on But we got a message from the palace around the same time saying that the queen announced with deep sorrow, the death of her beloved husband. That was how they freed and they said, Well, it died actually at home at Windsor Castle this morning, he was 99. Years old Andre people are now coming down to the palace. It's complicated slightly by throwing a virus restrictions and no mass gatherings allowed here, But there's a few 100 people at the moment gathered outside the gates, a few of them laying flowers. I just went to one man and you know, he said. It was 99 not a surprise that you're 99 you, You may die of old age. It's no sadness still shocking. This is somebody who is being a very prominent presence in British society for many, many decades. What else is expected to happen today? Simon? I'm sure they're in the process of getting some sort of form of funeral celebration taking place and I guess under the auspices still of Cove it will there be a big if you want to say funeral, Will it be more private? Wait. We don't know at this stage and I must say, I sort of raised down. I haven't checked what The latest rules are in Britain. The funeral because definitely being restricted for the past year or so. The restricted they're starting to be eased. The Royals generally don't like to be seen to be breaking the rules or making exceptions for themselves, so I would imagine it would be in line with what whatever is allowed, which could potentially be a very small on very private affair, finished fitting himself reportedly said down the years it is where

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