Investors Are Throwing Money at mRNA Technologies


We've been talking about all. The potential for 'em are innate. Technology means virus detection for all kinds of diseases. Now let's talk about the money because the rush is on to invest in marin a and the whole field of synthetic biology which approaches the body in natural systems as programmable platforms like computers however. The history of silicon valley and medical tech is mixed. You remember theranos and just last week. The founders of a hot biotech firm called you buy ohm were charged with fraud in a similar fashion. John chambers is the founder of syn bio beta a network for entrepreneurs engineers and investors interested in synthetic biology. He says billions of dollars are flowing into the field. Now what you're seeing is a new generation of investors and entrepreneurs coming in who are looking at a whole new set of tools around reading writing and editing of dna and designing and building and testing of biological systems. So you've got to look at the potential for these technologies to do a lot of good in the world not just in healthcare or quantified self or in this case irony vaccines but also for climate change for food production for chemicals and materials. So i think with any technology that the power to do good. And there's a powder do bad but i think with this technology the power to do good in so many different parts of the lives is just huge.

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