Microsoft Exploring $10B Acquisition of Gamer Chat App Discord

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The messaging app discord might be up for sale. Reports have surfaced the company's weighing whether to put itself up for sale and microsoft is mulling a bid of reportedly ten billion dollars so far discord is declined to comment on the reports. Right bret. yeah they have but it does bring up an interesting question for those who don't know a lot about discord which is what exactly is this app. it started in two thousand and fifteen. According to an about page on dischord the two co founders jason's citron and stand dish nevsky wanted to create a platform that encourage discussion. And what they say is quote recreate the feelings of togetherness when they play video games. So i use discord. Because i've used it for different games and things like that The way it works is each of the communities is called a server and one of the key differences between discord and other services. Is you joined the service through invite now for a lot of the public ones. They put the invite info up easily for people to to grab onto so some of those you can get that way One that i'm on that's related to Nba two k. Which is game. I've been playing quite a bit lately. you basically hop on the server. They have on the left pane. Different categories of topics that they cover and each topic is essentially like a message. So you would click on the topic and it would pull up the chat related to that topic so the way the nba two k. One works is it's broken down by different game modes in the game and so their players that are there to talk about online. They might wanna find people play online with or their modes where you're like running seasons and you're doing career stuff and you're trying to get advice on building player out or doing things with your team. And they're all structured like a chat. So it's kind of a hybrid of messaging app in a forum. It's kind of a little bit of

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