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And i'm joined by jason snell. Hello jason snell. Six seven eight. Are we counting. Is that what we're doing. Love the numerology. I love it sometimes. The episode numbers to fun to say in the normal way. That's a good one. I like it. I have a hashtag. Snow taught question which is also follow. And it comes from ryan and ryan wants to know jason. What is your preferred device appearance. I e light mode dock mode or automatic switching on your iphone ipad and mac boy so last week unconnected. Yes you fellows discussed the your Your standard device preference options whatever and The response was basically like you were. You were sort of One person on the dark side one person on the light mode side and then one person in the middle in the middle except that i reveal that i too am also in the middle. But it's a different middle. So i am dark mode on my iphone always. It's an old screen. It's beautiful dark mode. I am light mode on my mac always because you know even when you put the back in dark mode so many things are assume. Correct that it's light. Like i'm looking my google doc here and it's just it it you end up with these squares of just blasting whiteness in the middle of the dark mode. It's it's bad. I don't like it but on my ipad. I am automatic. Change with time. Okay so so during the day of my pets and light mode and at night. My ipads in dark mode and i have. My apps are pretty great at At changing with the mode on my ipad Like twitter ethic which i use a lot is darkman light team and it. It changes automatically and that works great for me so i'ma among a little mixed up just Here and there depending on device. I choose what's best for the device and how use it. That's how it should be so. We were starting to get a lot of people. Send in to us. That preferences stephen created a survey up. Lincoln shown us if you want to participate in the connected mode survey you can tell us if what you use. Donc lie or auto on your three main devices and on this week's episode of connected we're going to reveal the results i have access to it. I'm obviously not going to share. But i am very surprised with the results so far. They are not at all what i would have expected. So i recommend that you will submit your preferences links and the show notes and thank you to ryan for that hashtag. Snow talk question. If you'd like to send a question to help us open future episodes of the show. Just send out a tweet with the hash tag. Snow talk us. Question marks no talk in the fam members. Discord last week was twenty years of mac. Os ten and All of my mac buddies which includes you and and Posting and releasing lots of various things you had A selection of articles and things. You will lincoln to six colors and you're also took into junker robot on the talk show as well it's true. I mean there are lots of anniversaries from from os ten released on this leaf but to be it feels like the last couple of years last year and this is just like lots of anniversaries. In general like big ones. It feels like things just keep. I don't know maybe it's something about it is well so jobs came back to apple. Yup in ninety-seven took charge. Midyear kill the clones toward the end of the year. Early ninety eight. The i mac and so in the period from like ninety eight to two thousand and one what happened was they got their hardware act together on the mac side started making progress there. Although it was more like what could they do relatively quickly. So the i mac and they made the g. three towers colorful plastic instead of boring beige. And they did a i take on the laptops. I went through all of this when i was doing my Twenty twenty twenty twenty research. Twenty twenty four twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty one for twenty one twenty five twenty five twenty five twenty five twenty five anyway goes on and on so it was an interesting period but it was really like a getting up to speed period in that first few years and keeping in mind Just for people miss this. This is the twentieth anniversary of ten. Being released. Apple bought next in order to integrate. Os ten as their future operating system strategy or the next operating system as their future operating system strategy in december of one thousand nine hundred ninety six so i mean it was a long time. It was essentially four years where they had to get up to speed thinking about that. Think about how many years between the purchase of next and the release of os ten and yes. There was rhapsody and mac os ten server. Which was very weird. Both very weird and then there was the developer preview in developer preview next next developer preview and then there was the public beta and then there was ten. Oh and then by the way this fall will be the twentieth anniversary of ten one. Which is the first version that i felt like you could actually stay booted into and us right so it took them years to go from next purchase to shipping product years. So that was what they were doing right. They were doing ghettoised. Ten out the door and prop up the mac in the meantime for it to be viable and so i'm asking all the stuff they were doing the next phase. Though of the steve jobs return era was like the stuff that they could more strategically work on. 'cause they weren't just trying to stay alive and the bridge to the future and that's where you started to see the silver laptops right because that was a preference not not the black laptops the silver laptops and they and they worked on that and the ipod came out and that changed everything obviously and they pushed on the ipod for a while. And then the background. They're working on a tablet that they decide is going to be a phone instead. It leads to the iphone in six years from the release date of os. Ten point zero six years

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