A highlight from Ep 211: Okay, But is Squirt Really Pee? (Ft. Lola Jean the Squirt Queen)


Happy every week on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Guess what decision. We're about to make horrible decision. Drake look for yet another. Oh okay well. Let's see another episode. Got a horrible decisions. I have one half of this podcast right here. That you're tuned into my name is mandy. Be and i am sitting right next to hi. I'm lisi we have a guest years like have you ever done a podcast before we just had to do this. Shitty puck and we did not do it. Eight times just five. We just did it. A few open Do you have a podcast lola. I had a podcast since pretty much indefinitely done. But i'm starting a new one. That's about fantasy football so absolutely nothing to do with. And you try to give us a new introduce just like try improperly right now i actually just like starting a conversation so then you jump into it right in the middle of the call. You're one of those. I love i do that. I do that on my other. Pine and i don't know if i really like it because sometimes we'll really be talking and it's just like at the tel parks park started now so i don't know i do like the intro type of hey like listening to people talk. Yeah so i like. You're getting a snippet of i like it that way. But when you control your boards and you and you and eddie so that makes sense but when when we have someone like say were just really having a conversation and it's just like damn this is really what i want them on the mike but engineer. Does it know that this is really what i went on the mic. So we have to be like all right now. I play and i think casual though like i was recently telling somebody in conversation of China learn to interview trying to take breaths china. Hold question so that you're not interrupting things like that. I was like that's why. I prefer to heal conversational so the pressure isn't on the interview has no. I'm not a rude person or want to interject. You know make someone feel bad. But why does it keep happening to me. And i'm like really been trying to learn why the cutting off is going on. And i'm like well as long as i start. The podcast with a conversation not formal. They won't be mad at off nope they are in. They will and they were still be upset. There's some knocked going on anyway though. I wanna introduce our guest for this week's episode of by the way i couldn't tell because you have curls yes are you white okay so you're only one of the handful that we've had here on this podcast you know you really have to be a good one series. There's there's pressure but no magin if we had a bat like we've had some people and they were problematic and we found out later. Can you imagine if that happened with somebody white we had on. You can be from. Shed do it when you're out at a fucking comedy club when they're back open and someone makes a black. What whole shut up anyways guys. We are joined today. By lola jean squirting queen and i actually found her through tiana who was a former guest former previous past all of that gusts of ours on this show and so just so you guys know if you ever had any questions wanted myths debunked wanted to learn. Maybe how to this. We're gonna no no tell us. I know that right. Now you motherfucker out by getting this follow. It's bond cast. I am an outline. And i want people to really want to know we're going to debunk all the stuff about scoring in the horrible decision. This week is this what we're doing what we're doing. Honestly i've i've kind of. She can show freaking right now. I am control for you right now. Because i really focused on this outline here dan anyways you finished you done you know what my whole bed turn on youtube. You'll see that we have been having a whole conversation telepathically damn near lip sing. And you got no answers. Any whole You are the scored in queen. And i did want to ask you because it's in your bio yes. Is it really true that you hold the record for volume sporting yes. It's true. i set the record. And i have kept the wreck. How rucker was that helped me planet. She measured the squirt ballot ball you volume squirting the amount or the the distance you shot volume so it's not a lot.

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