A highlight from The Miami Catch-Up: Pospisil's ATP Chairman rage; Barty back in business; Medvedev cramps up; Andreescu-Anisimova future rivalry?; Ruusuvuori announces himself; Konjuh's scintillating run; Week 2 preview


Miami week. One catcher medvedev wins through despite let cram jack draper collapses on call and facet. Pospisil turns up the heat. Atp ooh came really hot and humid week one. The miami apron has come to an end really really testing conditions On the court. I think some of the most challenging conditions. We've seen the season. I feel like this is very much. A survival of the fittest. Yeah it makes my lunchtime walked today. Look a bit meek. Because i went out with my coach. So it's a bit warm today. We've actually got some sunshine in the uk. An high temperatures but yeah. It's looked really testing for the players are in miami and it's no every week on tour that we get you know players well players collapsing and everyone cramping up. So yeah i think Being quite strating. I think for all of the players but i mean before we get into the tennis joe. There is one thing we kind of have to start with. I think and talking frustrations. I think there's one man who is perhaps the most straighted of all tennis plays at the moment. And that is vasic pospisil. And he had a massive outburst on cool against mackenzie mcdonald well. Kind of went.

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