Return to La La Land: Art Is Back in California


While other parts of the world of either open man museums or had sporadic lockdowns and reopenings cultural institutions in los angeles had remained firmly closed until this month. Now though most are welcoming visitors again in strictly controlled numbers and with familiar restrictions. Of course among the key. Attractions in town is the made in. La annual at the hammer museum and huntington library art museum and botanical gardens which has been stalled last summer. but he's only now gaining an audience. I spoke to jerry finkel regular contributors to the newspaper and the new york times about l. La's emergence from hibernation jewelry. Why is it. California has taken so long to open. Its museums yeah. It has taken a long time for california museums reopen museums in los angeles in particular. So there was a moment in the fall when the numbers got better in san francisco. Cova numbers got better in san francisco. San francisco museums reopen briefly. Two to four weeks and then had to close again. I don't know which is better opening for a month or not opening it all up and in the case of la that cove numbers have kept us in what they call the purple tier. Governor newsom has created a tier system an order for museums to reopen. They had to move out of the purple tier in that county. Meaning that counties metrics the number of cove infections per day Had to reach a certain level and we just didn't reach that level until recently so by by march we got the word that museums could reopen. That was exactly a year after they close like so many others across the world yep and so basically they opened Not all of them are even open yet so we have a case where lack my real and soon as it could. I think it was the first major museum here to reopen the hammer and the huntington reopened soon after that mocha is still closed. It's not opening until early. June the getty center is still closed. And they haven't given their reopening date yet. But we expect. I think even says on their website likely to be late may

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