A highlight from 3401: The Pissmaker w/ Sean Patton


Keith mcgraw dot com slash forms for members of oh man so they can get personal but not feel. They're saying too much for people that don't get it. I know who this person is. But they signed up and went by the name. Fuck face so it's funny. When fuck face shears. Their feelings but i am a big fan and it's good to see everybody every morning. It kept me sane during the pandemic. And i know i'm going to stick with it other things you know you don't have to use your government name use whatever name you like. It actually was the government name. I checked. I have a letter hair. Hello this person says. I'm matthew english. I'm one of your very important people and it is the best feeling in the world today. I found a new very important persons show in my feet. Talking about vip. Mike and the show right.

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