Spotify Is Not Going to Kill Podcasting


I worked at megaphone so full disclosure they are. I left before the deal. So i left in august so twenty twenty And it was really important to me to come to provide my view on it and highlight some of the other people in the space that we're talking about it and i called out j. Richmond of spotify Nick quad hot pod. And ashley carman of the verge with their views on it but specifically nick i really liked for off your lesser spotify pig drawing up butcher pig as spotify and all the different parts of it but i wanted to dig in because you had some really interesting points of view coming from a little bit of a different angle. Now everything i do is add tech focus right a lot of what i'm doing is about the people who are already in the space already working with these tools trying to improve their skill and set to become decision makers or their decision makers and become better informed. And it's very easy for me to forget about the people who are trying to enter the space from the creative side of the production side or the people that that are starting off without getting a paycheck from it. So why don't we dig in a little bit and if you can kinda sum up your view on spotify by megaphone. Maybe we can walk through that and like who. Your view is for right. Okay so i would self identifies sort of mao the pessimist in this space. Because i think there are a lot of people who evangelize podcasts and podcasting and feel like it's going to the next big things you know. We hit that every month. The last fifteen years and i've always been a little bit more depressive. An someone who feels like there is a carnivorous appetite within certain big conglomerates and corporations to take away the magic that is podcasting all the dream. That was podcasting. As i often say

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