A highlight from Cowboys fail on the Corner route


It is the doomsday. podcast matt. Moseley and ed worder In the late hours immediately. Following the first round ed has been in coverage since six something this morning i believe was his first. Hit and then It how many. How many hours was it between your first hit. And then when the cowboys went on the clock at number ten. I think people love that window inside the life of ed order while my first contact with bristol was at five fifty this morning for a six oh two. Am live shot. On two of the five teams. I was covering which was Dallas denver. And then. I would say it was probably sixteen hours before the cowboys made their pick made the first trade in this draft and then ultimately made their pick after helping a division rival secure. Iceman trophy winning wide receiver. Which is something. I don't think the cowboys are probably ever done before and probably had little disdain for doing in the moment but yeah it's it's a long day and a lot of it was the whole aaron rodgers thing because there was a time as a draft is about to start where it seemed like denver was heavily involved in might possibly acquire aaron rodgers but to this point. Nothing's combat. yeah in there were even reports out there. Oh this is close and this is this and that. And that's why we gotta be careful and we only we only trust people like edward or we don't want to take some of these other offshoots in What it i. I did think about you when all that excitement came over. Who's gonna take which quarterback or they're going to take it. Of course no now up taking and i would say to your point ed in. We'll we'll hear it a little bit. We'll we'll will break down all the couch. Pick plenty of time to do that. But you having witnessed in been at the frontlines of that whole brett. Farve thing i mean. Today there was a funny little Thing sequence of events that happened. There was a tim tebow story that seemed kind of big all the sudden that was looking at him as possible. Tight end i also covered the broncos. Were drafted tim. Yes so that happened. And then the aaron rodgers he's unhappy he wants out he'll either not play for them or do jeopardy That that story took cold. And i and i would have to say most times. The story like there's a few stories that can overshadow the draft. Aaron rodgers is big enough to overshadow the draft. So this was. This was what you are monitoring throughout the day. And i'm sure some of your hits you're being asked about the the whole aaron rodgers thing well and it's he. He not only overshadowed the draft but it was part of the draft. Because anybody who was going to be able to compensate green bay to their satisfaction whether was san francisco which had traded three picks three first round picks to get a third overall pick or denver which had the temp pick They were going to be able to make a move and get rogers. You would assume that some of the you know high value draft collateral would be involved in the transaction and even as late as denver coming on the on at ten. I was texting chris. Mortensen my colleague and saying well. I if they take justin feels or mack jones here.

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