A highlight from Helping Children and Teens To Manage Stress


You might not think that children and teens deal with stress. That might not even be on your radar. But i'm here to tell you that just like us while we're going through the death of a loved one. They're feeling the same harsh feelings. Has you are the only differences. They don't speak about it very often. And it's up to us to make sure that those feelings and troubles do come out so that they can be addressed because stress in young people doesn't always look like stress in adults and it's up to us to help them find ways healthy ways to cope if these issues are not addressed chronic stress especially since the death of a loved one can take many years to deal with it can lead to physical and mental health problems it can also weaken their immune system and compromise them with other health issues. Anxiety and depression are disorders. That are more common in youth than in years. Go and we must take the seriously for very young children. There is tension in the home. That could cause stress. And especially when everyone in your family is grading the death of a loved one it might be another parent or grandparent. Even a sibling. Maybe you've lost child and they've lost their brother or sister and everyone is trying to deal with it and this can be hard for a child because they know something is going on in the home but they can't put their finger on it and they're too young to verbalize what is happening and what they're feeling. Sometimes young children may regress and they start wetting the bed again. They become very clingy. They don't want you out of their sight. They're afraid that you may die to and school is another frequent source of concern for your children and teens. They may have anxiety around their tests and grades. Young children can be concerned about making friends and dealing with teachers and also with bullies depending on how the person they love they can be quite concerned about how others are looking at them if someone in the family took their life or was killed by another person or was murdered. They feel the pressure to the shame as children get older and become teens. They are more likely to be stressed by other events that are happening outside the home as well. They have more worries than we really understand. They're afraid of the rising suicide rates not just among adults but even among their peers they are also very concerned about gun violence and feeling safe when they go to school. They don't know what to do about drug abuse. Are they involved with it too. They use it to their friends. You said and that's a concern to them. And they are so much social media judgment going on and that they feel less than and their inability to stand up for themselves when confronted by others. Pierce can help buffer stress but sometimes they are a source of it. Social relationships are really important to adolescence. And many teens worry about fitting in and their first romantic encounters an peer pressure around substance abuse and even sex so while most of our family are so concerned about the adults who are grieving the death of a loved one it is the children in teens who are also grieving and we must not let their pain go unnoticed or unsupported and so while they agreed a significant loss in their life. They're having all these other issues that they're dealing with in the background and often times. We don't recognize they. Have all these stressors going on at the same time. So let's look at different ways that they manifest these feelings first of all. They become irritable and angry. Children don't always have the words to describe how they're feeling and the tension bubbles up. If they're in a bad mood now kids that are stressed and teens they might be more short tempered an argumentative and hard to control. They might also have changes in behavior now. A young child might have been great person and all of a sudden he starting to act out more than ever before they may be having trouble sleeping and feel that they're tired all the time and they also might have trouble just falling asleep at night just like you do. They may decide to neglect the responsibilities. So they may have suddenly decided that they don't wanna do their homework or they forget their obligations or their chores at home. And they started crass nate more than they used to and stress can be a major factor in this. They may decide to eat too little or too much and both of these can be from stress and also to their immune system is breaking down just like yours and stress can cause many physical symptoms. They may have headaches and stomach aches and find themselves in the nurse's office more often so let's look at ways that we can help

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