A highlight from Maria Solis Belizaire: No Runners Left Behind; Founder of Latinos Run - R4R 246


Let my friends were to ever say two hundred and forty. Six of the running for a podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. Today i'm excited. You are here. We already closing in on the end of april. That mean it means it is almost may yes logical and that may i think. There's a lot of excitement stressing happened now. People are starting to positive about. Maybe a running season racing season will be possible. And i feel people feeling a lot more optimistic about the future of racing and just being able to see one another again. I felt this was an important episode to cover today. While we go into this new possibilities within our running space we wanna make sure that we are bringing everyone along with us. It is not just about those people who have been in the sport for for life but you make sure that any any run as he may be picked up the sport during this this tough season or maybe people who have the potential to pick it up in the future. I'll also included. So that's why. I wanted to cover this episode today to to dive into this a little bit deeper and i couldn't think of anyone a better to cover it with then maria solace beleza who is the founder of latinos. Run and latinas run. She is just a wonderful human. You wanna get to know her and just a few minutes but she also has done a lot for the community building up people to come into the space not just the tina's and latinos but just across the running community we're gonna get about her background and just get to know what affects her and what we can do to be more supportive members of the running community so i just want to take a moment to thank our sponsors and then we right to the episode with maria. Thank you to momentus sponsoring this episode of the running for real cost. I am excited to tell you about something different today. I have given you little snippets about this in the past. But now i can say i have used it within my race. Seeing the benefits of it not just within my working life but also within my running life. And i'm excited to you more. So momentus has a product could brain drive. You have me talking about the collagen peptides. You probably took it about the performance create teen and you've heard me talk number. Elite sleep brain drive is full focus today. Shin and memory is a supplement designed to optimize brain function and support.

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