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Introduce you to members of our church staff or our community. I consider it a true treat in a treasure. As you know. I'm always joined by my co host. He's the youth pastor for our high school ministry called climax. Please welcome gray house. Everybody stern guardship crisis. Says the devil. Highly how i use is I am blessed. How are you great. How was your week halley. I had a great weekend with my teens in climax just really into recruitment right now cool. Because i'm trying to grow numbers because i really believe that if you can attain the climax wants the gonna come again and so i did this really cool event this weekend. It was called skate. The pain away skate the pain away. Esselin what we did is built huge half pipe in the gym because apparently teams really like skateboarding. And what i did was before you can drop in meaning you know before you can actually skateboard on it. I would do a within. And we would just as god to take away the pain in their life and replace it with grace. It was just so moving halley. I'm glad it was a success. It really was. You know we did have nine broken bones. Which kind of a disappointment. Because i guess a lot of them had never even skateboarded before in this big half pipe. But you know. I really do think they took a leap of faith and that is important confirmed. I impact on these. I had really romantic virtual date. Good weekend yeah with mine with my girlfriend becky boop oh did you get a bit about bell now. I will do that man. No actually we went to olive garden. Guard bullshit went. Well okay. Well she went to olive garden in. I actually drank recovery. Shake in the parking lot of dick sporting goods but you know we just got could face time so she can eat what she wants. And i can eat what i want a facetime day. Because she's although she still out in waco right she's in waco texas and you know it was just so gray which is getting so close. She's thinking about quitting her job as a christian educator in moving here be closer to me i know and i told him not to because it's just moving way too fast for me but i d convince hit get bangs which i was excited about just a frame had perfect beautiful lady face that's So leat house you weekend. Halley will grows a big week for me because I don't know. I don't know if i told you about my first shot. Because they didn't really have any reaction but this week i had my second shot. So i'm i'm max vacs baby. I'm vaccinated from the virus. Oh really. I'm You're not no i don't. Christians are totally on board vaccine yet. Halley oh no. I've had a bad things. I shouldn't have gotten it. I mean it could be. I just don't know how. I just going to wait a while because i just don't trust it you know you can't really trust the government and i'm just gonna wait for a while and do some more study you know you're going to research like there's like long-term effects of the vaccine. I just want to read the bible more and see what it has to say about it. Oh study the bible. Oh i hope. I didn't make a terrible mistake. I know how i mean. That's pretty risky. What you've done there. But you know i'll price you. I guess i just didn't think about it. I want it to be able to do everything again. So annoying pandemic. I should have thought more about it. Because i did hear a lot of a few people in congress say that it's the mark of the bs. That's what i'm saying. Just you know you might wanna get into the texts a bit more before you. Just go ahead and stick a needle in your arm that you know maybe the anti i did and the anti christ in the market the beaches referenced in revelation thirteen. I read the whole thing. I looked forward and backward and it says that literally and says literally the market the will be in the hand. The palm of your hand or your forehead stock. They did it right here in the top of my arm like my shoulder muscle right here right you know. Sometimes i worry like maybe back then. They could have called the shoulders. The hands of something you know you just don't know Well it seems like revelation. Well i was worried because you know. I thought maybe the market the beasts could be a card that you carry and then after you get the shot you do get the cdc card right. And but then. I looked at all the commentary on the book of revelation. Thirteen and It said that the market will not be a card. And you know they're thinking it's going to be more a chip that goes into your hand or your forehead like microchip and It is going to be only for people who worship the anti christ. The book revelation says that there will be the anti christ and then there will be his false prophet. And i don't know if that's joe and then the false prophets comma but she is pushing it and it says that the false prophet will be the one who requires the mark of the beast So to prove that you worship the antichrist and it said the anti christ will be marked by six six. But we're not exactly sure how i don't know if that'll be june sex two thousand and six then wonder what joe biden was due in june. Six two thousand six. We should look it up. Well he was definitely probably still in congress. Because i think he's been nfl. One hundred years soiled he s kind of oh. I know it's totally sick anyway. I mean it could be a microchip halley. But i mean i'm considering getting microchip because my elon. Musk is doing this. Cool thing where you get microchip Placed in your brain and then you can just pay for things by looking at them.

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