A highlight from Steve Wilson from QCode Media #452

New Media Show


Hey everyone welcome to the new media show. Of course many todd cochran in were going to be joined in a few minutes by gas but we are going to get. The show started here. Rava how you doing. I'm doing ok. Tata it's crazy. Let's going on these sole subscription Thing that's bubbled up in space is really kind of scrambled. A lot of things allow. There's a lot of people that are all excited about it. So we will. We will see though is anybody. Is anyone tempering expectations. Everyone thinking they're going to get rich. Right that's the question right. Yeah i think yeah. I think that the expectations could be out shining the opportunity but But i guess time will tell you know this is a kind of you know. It isn't like premium. Subscriptions is something new all of a sudden. I think what's new about. It is that it's It's getting a lot more attention A lot of the bigger companies are really embracing it. So that's what's really bring it to the forefront and And its i think in a lot of ways it's probably good because it can support As the technology gets better For these premium offerings that that means some revenue coming into content creators to fund the development of higher quality better produce content in the in the medium. So you know. I think it's an opportunity for all levels of content creators to up their game a little bit and connect with community deeper level. And i think it does kind of accents. Some of the strengths of the medium As you look to the opportunities are in the future well. I think that For segment of shows. This is gonna work out okay. But i'm just. I go back to what i said last week. And you know let's just pre facists with spotify is not limited. Invite right now you you just not. Everyone's going to get out there. It's they think they launched with twelve twelve partners. So it's not like you're going to be able to jump on their plus she had put your show on anchor to be able to be to have a premium show. Were there so that. That's a negative in itself but I think what's going to end up happening here. Is that You're going to have some. They're going to jump into this and commit to doing a whole bunch of content. His twenty go this way. I subscribe her. You have if you have one subscriber you're committed to putting content

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