Jennifer Eggers: The Resilience Framework


August today. Is jennifer eggos. Jennifer eggers works with leading organizations at some of the most real recognizable brands in the world to build resilience and to improve that capability and their capacity to adapt so they can emerge from disruption more effectively and faster. She is the founder of leader of leader shift insights and the author of international bestseller resilience. It's not about bouncing back. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and helped me to welcome the author all the best. Thank you so much. I can't say i've ever been just like the thank you. You're very welcome. I'm jazzed good. I'm glad to hear it so where we always liked to start. Is this place which is in this of influences and everybody claiming to be an influence. Who is somebody that we might not think of my not recognize who has been a major influence on you and your leadership. Yeah it's a great question. And i'm glad i get to answer it so my dad I'm sure people don't know who he is. But he was a senior executive for a commercial Tree company actually. And what. I really admired about him is he was able to juggle managing hundreds of man in these hundred hundreds of crews all over the country And then he would go from there to a board. Meeting are negotiating with a really tough union and so you know back then they had one guy that would go from the board to the union to the men what you know today that would be twenty five different people even at all that But he he took a very Employee focused

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