A highlight from Colour-contrast-surprise. The symphonies of John Abraham Fisher (1744-1806)


Was creating the naxos catalogue naxos founder. Klaus heymann started a series of recordings of eighteenth century music but featuring music by lesser known. Composers of that time. After all mozart and haydn weren't the only composers writing music at that time. Mr heyman teamed up with the new zealand musicologist. Dr alan badly to help them find these unknown treasures and a problem soon emerged because these composers were unknown. Their music was usually unpublished or the published editions. From long ago could no longer be found which meant there are no performing parts for the musicians to read off of so together. They created our tara editions to create performance editions of this music. This includes all of the music on this album. not only are these premiere recordings. The musicians are playing off of parts created by dr badly and published by our tarya editions. This also means that if musicians here this music they like it. They can actually get the orchestral parts and play at themselves role in young. Only a This album features the czech chamber philharmonic orchestra beach directed by mikhail halamish. The orchestra is one of the jewels in the crown of czech culture. In normal times they tour and perform at music festivals. All over europe. But they've also made of recordings including many many recordings for naxos. Hopefully someday they will tour again so we can all hear them live again in concert from john. Abraham fisher's symphony number six in c major. Here is the lovely slow movement

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