Get Vaxed, Wear a Mask, and Come Fly With Us.


Welcome to the arab. They're a podcast about the wide world of aviation and aerospace. I'm dominique abreu ellen. Kennedy there's an old nat king cole. Song did i love. The chorus goes straighten up and fly right and this most certainly applies today to how we all should act but flying is an airline passenger allen. We all know that life is an airline passenger in. The twenty first century can be stressful. Health concerns new regulations. Unruly fellow passengers and flight delays can be nerve racking for any traveler. But remember that the pilots and flight attendants are there to get you to your destination safely and everything they do is for your benefit in fact. Did you know that there are federal regulations. Bat actually prohibit passengers from interfering with crew members. Yeah that's right. Violating these regulations can result in hefty fines and we mean hefty all excellent points dominate after years of decline incidents of unruly passengers unfortunately spiked twenty eighteen. And from twenty twenty. Two twenty one. They've had record numbers largely because passengers failed to listen to flight attendants directions about the new mask policy in january. Twenty twenty one. faa administrator. steve. Dixon signed an order directing zero tolerance policy against unruly airline passengers in the wake of recent troubling incidents. Recently we've seen a disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior. These incidents have stemmed both from passengers refusals to wear masks and from recent violence at the us capitol. This dangerous behavior can distract disrupt and threatened crew members safety functions and as a former airline captain. It's extremely concerning to me. And i know it's equally concerning to the airline cockpit and cabin crews whose primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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