2021 Oscars Best Director Predictions


Let's dive right back in with best director. Nominees are thomas winterberg for another round. David fincher from bank. Lee isaac chung for me. Ninety eight clue how for nomad land and emerald. Fennell for promising young woman stephen thompson. Gimme a will win and it should win in for will end. Should i'll go with clue jal i think she does beautiful work in. No maitland. I do wanna put in a good word though for emerald fennell and promising young woman. This film is so interesting and juggling so many tones this movie could have flown off the rails in so many ways and at the same time. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at what this movie is doing with. Color is so striking an inventive. It has an electric movie and when a movie feels electric off the way through you can often give the director a lot of credit for that. So i do want to put in a good word for emerald fennell but for will end should in this category. I'm going to go with kobe. Zhao all right fair. Enough i show. What do you think should win. Khloe joe will win. Make big mac. Yes so i think it's going to be david fincher because let's not forget that so few years ago. Even though moonlight wind up winning damian chazelle one for la la land and this is the category especially as director where they love to see the flashiest most technical intricate. Booby win So i think it's going to be probably david fincher. Although i would love to see joao went jau did win at the directors go to war so maybe that will happen. But i still think it's gonna be all

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