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I don't know why he wouldn't want to talk about it. From a legal standpoint, I'm not sure what that is. But that was former President Trump on with Sean Hannity over there at Fox News beyond seriously 4 2024. No one. I say No. One. Surprised Tony Katz. It's good to be with you on Tony Cats today. Should he run? I don't know. Willie run. I don't know. Does it keep people excited? It certainly does. He's going to tease that out as much as possible. Do I need it to be him, Not me. That's not anger. That's just a statement of fact, what I need is attitudinal. What I need is the desire to fight. What I need is somebody who isn't afraid somebody who isn't going to cower in the corner. Somebody who isn't looked to be Everybody's friend. That's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for somebody who will do the hard work. That's Rhonda Santis, or that's Christine. Oh, my No. Can't be Christine. Um yes, it certainly can be. Stop being crazy. That's somebody we haven't even seen yet. I'm hearing stories that Chris Christie is considering a run in 25. No, he's not. Oh, yes, He certainly is. That would not be wise. Remember, Chris Christie could have run in 2012. And Chris Christie could be could have just finished up his second term. It's possible Yeah. Because Chris Christie would have absolutely done away. With Mitt Romney. Done away with Mitt Romney. But Christie didn't want And then he ran in 2016 and Trump out Trump's Chris Christie, who was the Trump and he took all of that power from his first term in a poof. Turned into a whole bunch of sand that he sat on the beach with That's pretty good joke. People know the story. I need the attitude. I'm not mad at the guy. The things I love about Trump there, things I don't like about Trump. Sorry of that. First anybody's bubble. How much more interesting people learn the lessons of Trump Trump has valuable lessons to teach and you've got these people who are just just hell bent on its opposition. Like they had, like I often discussed the fact that you see people who act like they have some kind of secret knowledge. There's some knowledge of the world some knowledge, people some knowledge of how to how to act that is better. It. Barry wife wrote about this when she left The New York Times that people work in The New York Times think they have some secret knowledge, some understanding of the world that it's their job to pat the world on the head. That's my paraphrase of it in slowly teach them. Don't believe any of that is true. Believe there's there's a historical look at the world is an understanding of what is good. And what is evil as we would say the yet so Iran the answer. Tove right there in the Hebrew, the evil in the good But this idea that You know on Lee Trump could be the guy that's idol worship. Count me out. Trump has something to teach. That's valuable. I'm all in So he could run again. There's a bunch of people could learn the lessons and they'll do it a little bit differently in a little bit differently here a little bit differently there. Maybe some of it'll be good. Maybe some of it won't. It's still going to require we the people stay on top of them. We have to stay on top of Trump is I see it? You can't stay on top of these people. They're just elected officials When I run for office one day your grabs down top of me. Course you will. That's our job. That's what we do is the electorate. Of this hatred of trump that people have with me, Liz Cheney or something. It's on necessary and it will get you nowhere. Nowhere, everybody J. Foreigner here, CEO of rocket,

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