A highlight from Evan Silva: Fantasy Football Tag Implications


The run going. How's the family. How are you what's up. Yeah families good. The website is doing well. The new business is doing well. We launched an nba product. This year It was scary there for a little bit of entering the nfl season last year. You know they were definitely a moment. There was a lot of widespread panic and fear and and concern and a lot of people thought that. I can't tell you how many tweets i got last year telling me who you were tweeden about the nfl. There's no way to season's going to happen. Well the haters in the losers lost in the winters one and we were able to power through on the back of an nfl. that was not going to relent. And so that was that was good for us. and We we had a great year. And now the nba's now the nfl free agency starting to pick up. You know. people are coming out with their mock drafts looking into the the flow of nfl news. You know. I haven't done that a lot and that sort of gloat about the people that were so adamant that there'd be no nfl season. I really haven't done that because you know they didn't know. And there is a lot of anything at they thought they knew. Yeah that that's the problem. I think like right and you don't wanna like glow about a pandemic in any way. No no but i'm okay with people having those opinions. The problem is they were so it. Felt like smug and on some weird level like gleeful about the fact that there was going to be no. Nfl season like a weird. There was a weird dynamic. Evan where there was definitely some percentage of people that seemed to enjoy the fact that there might not be. nfl season because of the pandemic to describe it. Yeah i mean. Look i. I came off. You know kind of you know being of a jerk about it. But i mean they were a jerk to me about it and i would not have if they hadn't been so definitive and telling me that i was an idiot for tweeting about football. Then i wouldn't have reacted like that you know. They truly thought that they knew better than anyone else. And so that's why there's you know a little bit of and there's really not that much animosity at the end of the day like you know football happened you know I thought it was interesting. All the stuff that we learned like the fact that onfield transmission which it seems like intuitive that you know if you guys in the trenches would would give it to each other you know but there was no evidence even of onfield transmission shall. We learned a lot. And i probably shouldn't come shouldn't have come out of the gates being real jerk about it but you know i i just what happened to all those tweets what what happens to all those tweets. They just disappear. Well know that the point is. I don't think you're a jerk about it. I think you're kind of spike in the football on the people because the season happened and it went off well and they were wrong. And the thing. I i would say about. It is and we'll move on here but

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