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Have a daughter. That guy? I have relatives. I have people that bad If you go right down the street here parked right over here. You'll see all the list statues off people that have Carriage from this So this isn't a joke I wanted in my arm, and soon there's gonna be over. If I could get it this afternoon. I'll go. You've just heard Breath Steward, Bobby Bruce Baylin. Welcome Angela Callused and Jeffrey Bernie. This story was produced by W. El Aurens. Veronica's are ago via Florida House committee pushed forward a proposal to impose potency limits on the amount of euphoria inducing THC in medical marijuana products. The measure was approved yesterday It places a 10% THC cap on smokable marijuana and limits THC levels to 16% in other medical marijuana products. Excluding edibles Republican state. Rep. Spencer Roach is sponsoring the measure. He says the highly potent marijuana products now available to Florida patients are blurring the line between medical, cannabis and recreational pot. Roach compares the medical marijuana doctor patient relationship to the states. Opioid crisis. Doctors and patients are taking advantage of our medical program to do two things, get rich and get high. Period, and I think in the state of Florida, we have seen this play out here before in Florida. We know how it ends. And we don't need a sequel. But Democrats, including representative Anna Esseker, Mani disagree, she feels that creating potency caps will just require people to spend more money on their medicine. No part of this bill's actually expanding access, and I do think that the very real concern that we're going to put these caps into place. Look so gonna have to continue to purchase more medical cannabis more than 500,000, Florida residents have signed up for and been authorized by doctors to use medical marijuana and the number of patients continues to climb. This is W l. A N ews. I'm Christine Di Mattei. Millions of Americans have enjoyed watching the crown, the smoke

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