Congresswoman Lauren Gilbert, President Biden And George Lloyd discussed on America First


Congresswoman Lauren Gilbert says Democrats are simply lying about the bill. This legislation uses coded like cheap drugstore concealer masking the nasty truth about Democrats spending This is nothing more than a trashy spending spree while doing nothing for those who have suffered the most. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy says the bill is mostly about things other than the pandemic. Democrats say they're American Rescue plan will help the country defeat the virus, and there's the economy back to help the measure. When I'll be sent to President Biden. Also a town hold up Calm. Today is day two of jury selection in the trial of a former police officer charged with second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Lloyd. Kevin has more. Three jurors have been seated two men and a woman, while six others in the jury pool have been dismissed. Those selected all say they have heard some details about the case against Derrick Show Vin, but they say they would be able to put aside what they heard or opinions they have formed and make a decision based on evidence in court. Judge Peter Cahill has set aside at least three weeks for jury selection. Opening statements are scheduled for no earlier than March. 29th jury selection is proceeding despite uncertainty over whether a third degree murder charge will be added My company FAM. The Senate has confirmed Merrick Garland. What's not by Republicans for a seat on the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland to be attorney general. I don't think that I will have 521 points and the NASDAQ 64 points higher. More on these stories

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